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Logan Paul finally responded to the allegations brought up by Coffeezilla, claiming he tried to “scam” people with his CryptoZoo project. His response was pretty lackluster, though.
Logan Paul has finally broken his silence regarding Coffeezilla’s videos, accusing him of scamming people with his CryptoZoo project. In his response, though, pretty much all he does is try to discredit the internet detective, shifting the blame onto the people HE hired, and just all around not take accountability at all.
Over the past couple of weeks, Coffeezilla, a YouTuber who is well known for exposing crypto scams, released his three-part series investigating Logan Paul’s NFT project CryptoZoo.

After a lot of back and forth on social media, Logan finally released his response video, addressing the allegations brought up by the internet detective, or more like trying to discredit Coffeezilla and shifting the blame onto the people he hired.
The video pretty much already starts off with Logan trying to discredit Coffeezilla (like, a lot!) by accusing him of using his name for views and money, claiming he is not a trustworthy source of information and doesn’t do his research properly, even twisting the facts in this case.

Kinda weird, because Logan himself commended him for his work ethic and his great content not too long ago, and doesn’t really back those claims up by any evidence.
Further into his video, he addresses the claims regarding the lead developer for CryptoZoo, Zack Kelling, who apparently stole the source code and fled to Switzerland, demanding $1 Million.

Logan says that during his interview with the internet detective, Kelling lied about the scope of the crypto project. Kelling claimed that he had 30 engineers working on the project, which Logan proclaims is false.

Logan also goes into further detail about Kelling, who apparently has been arrested multiple times, implying that Coffeezilla tried to hide that fact by keeping him anonymous during their interview.
Even though it seems kind of hypocritical to criticize Coffeezilla for this, when he was the one who hired Kelling for the project, but Logan is quick to shift the blame for this to another well-known fraudster called Eddie Ibanez.
Kinda funny how he accused Coffeezilla of not doing his research while admitting to hiring MULTIPLE conmen/fraudsters in the same sentence.

Logan Paul accusing Coffeezilla of not doing his research while admitting he hired multiple criminals and conmen to his crypto team has gotta be the funniest thing out rn
Logan says he trusted Ibanez, who turned out to be a professional conman who “fooled billionaires, the Mormon Church [and] the owner of the New York Yankees”, which is something Coffeezilla pointed out in one of his videos.

Instead of proving Logan’s point, this kinda makes him look really inept, as he was the one hiring multiple conmen like Eddie Ibanez, but also a person called Jake, the Crypto-King (a well known fraudster).

His manager Jeff claimed that they confirmed Eddie’s qualifications, but looking back on it, this apparently wasn’t true at all.
There was a bunch of other stuff Coffeezilla said, that Logan claims was just blatantly untrue, like the game not working at all. But let’s continue with him threatening legal action against the internet detective.
This is connected to the alleged misinformation Coffeezilla is spreading with his videos.

Whether that’s actually true will have to be decided in court, but there is also the topic of an “illegal recording” being used in the three-part YouTube series.

During the investigation, Coffeezilla recorded an allegedly private phone call with Paul’s manager Jeff Levin, seemingly breaking the law in doing so.

Paul seems prepared to prosecute the internet detective, saying: “I suggest you use the money from your Patreon to hire a good lawyer, you’re gonna need it. See you in court.”
One of the statements Logan made and criticized Coffeezilla for, was that he did not reach out directly to him.
Coffeezilla was quick to disprove this, though, showing text messages and e-mails he sent to Logan to get a response:

Logan Paul responded. TL;DW
0 apologies
0 addressing victims
0 accountability
I will reply in full when I organize my thoughts, but for now, Logan accuses me of not reaching out to him directly until Dec 24, 2022…but doesn’t mention I reached out over a year prior on Instagram.
The back and forth continued, as Logan stated that he can’t pay attention to every “social media gossip channel” but quickly got called out for his lack of accountability by fellow content creator Ludwig Ahgren.

wait but he did reach out and you know he spoke with your manager

at what point do you take accountability

massively disappointed by your ad hominem and strawman littered video

do you think you fucked up nothing? like you just got REALLY unlucky? what was one mistake YOU did?
All in all, it looks like Logan took on a project he was unprepared for, was inept at hiring adequate people and now that his project crashed, shows a lack of accountability and compassion for the people affected.
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