Users can now purchase three Aston Martin vehicles to race and enjoy in the mobile game.
Aston Martin has officially joined the NFT movement, with three acclaimed models introduced to Infinite Drive, an NFT racing platform that allows enthusiasts to race and collect their favorite cars.

Players can now drive (albeit digitally) the Aston Martin Vantage Coupe, the Vantage GT3 race car, and the classic 1980 V8 Vantage. The official launch took place on December 18 and getting your hands on a digital example should prove difficult, as they're limited to just 3,000 units.
Driving these British beauties on the Polygon blockchain should prove thrilling.
"Infinite Drive is a platform for car collectors, but we also want to build multiple driving experiences within the game. We felt that Aston Martin has got the best lineup to suit this concept, as they build powerful road cars, and they also have a great history in the racing world, with their GT and Formula 1," said Stephane Baudet, CEO of The Tiny Digital Factory.
And there's clearly something for everyone. Classic lovers will appreciate the iconic '80 Vantage, a vehicle that served as James Bond's chariot of choice in The Living Daylights and, more recently, No Time To Die. The modern Vantage, first seen in 2018, may not be as famous as its namesake but has a smite more muscle (503 horsepower and 505 lb-ft of torque) to make up for that.
Lastly, the Vantage GT3 will be familiar to lovers of motorsport. Aston Martin has worked closely with Infinite Drive to ensure the trio has been faithfully recreated and remains true to the original vehicles. According to Motor1, the game will become free to play in 2023 and will be made available on iOS and Android phones.
Here, players will be able to take advantage of the NFT marketplace, seasonal racing events, and will even be able to lease exclusive cars to other players.
"It's truly remarkable that [the] vision has resonated so strongly with one of the world's leading carmakers in Aston Martin – so much so that they have chosen to launch their first ever NFT cars with us," added Baudet.

The Gaydon-based brand is just one of a handful of automakers to join the NFT craze.
Rival company Bentley announced its first NFT release in June this year. Created by Bentley Design, the British marque claims its limited run of 208 NFTs would afford owners special rewards and unique community opportunities. Acura has also wavered into the murky waters of NFTs, enticing the first Integra buyers with an exclusive digital art piece. The brand also introduced a dealership in the metaverse, called Acura of Dreamland.
Whatever your thoughts may be about NFTs, at least this latest release enables users to experience Aston Martin's vehicles in a game.
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