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It was a “huge” dig at the former president.
Saturday Night Live opened this week’s show with a dig at former President Trump, who teased a “major announcement” — which some thought to be about a bid for House Speaker — but turned out to be a line of NFT cards that were selling for $99 each.
The announcement proved ripe for parody.
“You can also get them for free by just going online and looking at them maybe, I don’t know,” said James Austin Johnson as Trump. “Maybe a screenshot but we’d really prefer it if you sent the $99.”
Trump then offered a card of him “as a cowboy. Or me melting Biden’s ice cream with my big laser eyes.” Trump then assured viewers that his NFTs were not a variation of Pokemon.
Other cards included Trump crossing the Delaware River or in iconic movies such as “The Matrix” and “Titanic.”
Mikey Day and Cecily Strong — who left the show after 11 seasons — also appeared as Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle.
“These cards are fantastic,” Day as Trump Jr. said. “And a steal. And I know what you are thinking: $99. You can get two grams for that!”
“I guarantee that you will SLEEP IN HEAVENLY PEACE!” Strong as Guilfoyle shouted.
The long-running comedy show went one step further with the bit saying that those who buy the cards have “an exclusive mystery prize, where you get to pick anything out of this nice box” which is mockingly marked “Classified,” referencing the raid at Mar-A-Lago in August.
The sketch ended with Trump doing a stream-of-consciousness rundown of his Christmas list and crediting himself for getting people to say “Merry Christmas” again.
“I brought that back because Christmas is very important to Christians and to Jewish I think also… You are hearing Merry Christmas a lot more lately, just like in ‘A Christmas Carol.’ I was visited …by three ghosts last night, including, actually it was four if you include Epstein,” said the actor as Trump getting a few “oohs” from the audience.
“We love Santa, don’t we folks? We love Santa. But not Ron DeSanta. We don’t like DeSanta so much.”


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