MOSCOW, Dec. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Anonymous cryptocurrency exchange Cryptex unveiled its own cryptocurrency market, Cryptomarket. According to the developers, Cryptex users will be able to conduct market analytics directly on the exchange platform. Cryptex’s coins market will provide users with all analytical information regarding price changes, capitalization indicators, volatility and trading volume of more than 13,000 cryptocurrencies.
The cryptocurrency capitalization market is a service for tracking the dynamic changes in the exchange rate of tokens. Users can access all the relevant information about price changes in the crypto market in real-time. This allows investors and holders of cryptocurrencies to always have the latest data on the state of assets.
CryptexMarket comes with a range of tools and resources for the users, including a rating of the capitalization of coins on the market with the latest rates and information about the daily trading volumes, flexibly customizable price charts and statistics of exchange rate fluctuations for each token, important factual information about blockchain projects and ways to make money on them, and an exchange glass of applications on the market with the selected cryptocurrency.
In addition to the above, CryptexMarket has implemented a converter from cryptocurrency to fiat, which allows users to perform a quick token conversion immediately in the market cap. For novice investors, lists of cryptocurrencies that are particularly popular in the crypto community have been formed. Coins experiencing peaks of the uptrend are displayed on the main page of CryptexMarket.
Cryptex exchange is one of the well-known players in the cryptocurrency market. Its users are offered a whole set of tools for trading and analyzing tokens. Among them are its own crypto exchange, spot and p2p trading tools, a payment gateway for business and others. The work of the exchange is not limited to the web platform – it supports the exchange of tokens for cash, offers intermediary services when buying real estate for cryptocurrency. Only an email address is required for registration, and all data is deleted after three months.
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Mikhail Nalilovich
Marketing Manager

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