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These Seven Coins are The Top Picks in The Crypto Market for Whales in 2023These Seven Coins are The Top Picks in The Crypto Market for Whales in 2023
The cryptocurrency market may seem disheartening at first glance especially seeing how its market cap has dwindled by about 60% from its all-time high in 2021. This drawdown has resulted in many crypto projects getting liquidated or dumped in the crypto market.
While the bears are shaking the crypto market in unimaginable ways, and the bulls are yet to come out of hibernation, there is yet another potent force that crypto enthusiasts and users should be wary of in the market – the crypto whales.
While they do not move the market like the bulls/bears, crypto whales look out for exciting projects to capitalize on and make huge profits. It is then vital that as a trader and investor, you study their target crypto coins, such as Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, IMPT, and RobotEra, among other important coins, and join in investing so you can also make excellent returns on investment. This guide lists seven top picks of crypto coins on whales’ investment radar in 2023. Read on!
Dash Dash
Crypto whales enjoy on-chain and social analytics of the crypto market. Since they do not want to have streaks of losing positions in their investments, they benefit when a platform can provide them with up-to-date market data and analytics that would give them an edge in the market.
Dash 2 Trade is a world-class platform aiming to provide the right tools and features for investors and traders to create better trading strategies and improve their trading journey.
Some features of the Dash 2 Trade platform include reliable trading signals for buy/sell opportunities, social and market sentiments to spot & trade trending coins, crypto listing alerts, presale scoring system to enable D2T community users to participate in early and trading competition on the platform.
Crypto whales see this platform as a unique way to take their trading and investments to the next level and are keen to hold massive amounts of D2T tokens. Before they do so, crypto traders can join in D2T ongoing presale. With over $9 million raised, now is the chance to participate before the complete domination of crypto whales.
Dash 2 Trade presale is coming to an end, and soon, the token will list on the first exchanges. ChangellyPro, LBANK, and BitMart will list the D2T token once the presale ends. This will mark the end of a mega-successful presale that will finish earlier than planned – due to the dire demand for the token.
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RobotEra is another fascinating project that is on crypto whales’ investment radar. It is an intriguing gaming metaverse project that provides an immersive gaming experience and earning opportunities for its users.
This platform focuses on rebuilding its open-world Taro, which players can participate in by becoming robots, purchasing lands, and accumulating resources. Players are split into seven different factions based on different ideologies and serve the unique purpose of restoring planet Taro to its former glory.
To ensure its users stay immersed and entertained, RobotEra provides crypto rewards in the form of digital assets or NFTs. Users can trade their NFTs in the metaverse marketplace for cash. RobotEra provides its utility token, $TARO, to ensure the smooth operation of its ecosystem.
The $TARO token ensures that users and players exchange crypto assets freely and engage in the ecosystem’s DAO. RobotEra’s presale event is live, and users can purchase $TARO tokens before it is listed in the market next year.
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Calvaria is set to speed up the mass adoption of cryptocurrency through a unique play-to-earn battle card game. By bridging the natural world and crypto, users can enjoy the Calvaria game and earn rewards in cryptocurrency.
The Calvaria ecosystem seeks to develop two versions of their flagship battle card game; the first version will be freely available to users who own mobile phones and can game on them. The second version will then provide play-to-earn functions to educate users who play the game and earn rewards irrespective of their knowledge of cryptocurrency.
Also, it will eliminate the tedious barriers to entry that usually restrict non-crypto users from accessing the traditional P2E games, thus easing them into the Calvaria ecosystem, earning and owning their crypto rewards and in-game assets without any hassle.
Another exciting feature of the Calvaria ecosystem is that it is a multi-chain project where its native tokens, $RIA, and other crypto assets can be issued and distributed on different chains and networks. However, Calvaria in-game assets, $eRIA, will be distributed via the Polygon chain, which is fast, efficient, and secure.
Finally, with a fixed supply of 1 billion RIA tokens, crypto whales will seek to fill their huge bags with this coin. Before they get their hands on this prospective crypto asset, crypto traders and enthusiasts are urged to partake in the Calvaria presale by purchasing $RIA tokens on the platform’s official homepage.
As of now, the presale raised more than $2 million, rallying towards the $3 million and the IEO. According to insiders, a few listings are on the radar for this token. LBANK, ChangellyPro, Huobi,, KuCoin, Bitfinex, and Bybit are some of them.
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A notable feature of crypto whales is how they have become environmentally conscious. Seeing how the forerunner of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin utilizes enormous amounts of electrical power while leaving a massive carbon footprint, crypto whales are seeking to invest in eco-friendly cryptos. is a green-conscious platform that aims to sustain the environment by introducing a carbon offset program. While considering the effect of greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint that has led to global warming, IMPT is providing environmental projects for users to participate in and earn crypto rewards.
These rewards are earned as carbon credits which users can either buy, sell, or retire to reduce the circulating supply and increase the price stability in the IMPT ecosystem. The native currency of the IMPT ecosystem is the $IMPT token. Interestingly, these tokens can be converted to carbon credits, which can also be tokenized as NFTs.
IMPT rallied through the presale stage, raised $20.5 million, and was listed on the exchanges after that.
IMPT’s IEO happened at Uniswap, and immediately after that, the token was listed at LBANK and ChangellyPro. The latest exchange that joined the group is CoinGecko and insiders claim a few more listings are in the line for IMPT.
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Cardano is an energy-efficient platform that employs Proof-of-Stake consensus to run its operations. Rather than relying on expensive mining rigs and drawing colossal power consumption, users can become validators by purchasing and staking the required ADA tokens and earning passive income.
Last quarter’s report shows that crypto whales have accumulated about 80 million ADA tokens in their bags, and several have stopped dumping. Consequently, it is expected that the coin will surge in value in 2023, making it the best time to buy ADA tokens.
Binance Coin was bought into existence by one of the largest global crypto exchanges, Binance. Since its inception, it has grown beyond transaction fees and has become a platform where users and traders can trade different pairs with BNB, process payments, and even book travel arrangements.
Also, it is relatively stable in price despite bearish market conditions, which adds beauty to crypto whales who wish to fill their bags with Binance coins. Crypto traders and investors can diversify and add BNB to their Portfolio.
Termed a Dogecoin killer in 2021, Shiba Inu is rocking the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market by majorly competing with Dogecoin and even entering the top ten cryptocurrency list. While its use case is somewhat limited, crypto whales have played a significant role in its price surges, benefiting other crypto users in the Shiba Inu ecosystem.
According to reports, fourteen whale wallets hold the equivalent of $100 million in SHIB, with the first wallet owning 5% of SHIB’s total supply. Also, significant burn events add to Shiba Inu’s price stability which could make several holders and whales rich in the future.
Crypto whales are vital holders of cryptocurrencies who can potentially increase the value of tokens. This guide has listed seven key crypto projects these whales could target in the crypto market in 2023. What should you do with this piece of information?
As a crypto trader and investor, you must keep a close watch on these crypto projects, especially the listed new-entry cryptos. Research these projects properly and their ecosystem to see which you prefer to invest in. You can also diversify your investment into all of them to hedge your portfolios.
Crypto whales are excellent ways to track the best investment opportunities and yield massive investment returns despite market sentiments. Take advantage of this information now and line your digital wallets with these tokens before 2023.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely the author’s opinion and not investment advice – it is provided for educational purposes only. By using this, you agree that the information does not constitute any investment or financial instructions. Do conduct your own research and reach out to financial advisors before making any investment decisions.
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