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A 10-year-old boy’s local lemonade business attracts some big corporate support. Then there’s Nia the Loc God, a 21-year-old who started her own haircare enterprise, including a salon and a burgeoning product line, becoming a millionaire CEO in the process. Finally, meet the guy who goes from Major League ballpark to ballpark, catching more baseballs than anyone else.
Stock Market’s Brutal Year Leaves Wall Street With Little Faith in a Rebound
Your Sunday Briefing: Dramatic Endings
Italian Ministers Step Up ECB Criticism, Warn of Credit Crunch
China’s 2023 Monetary Stimulus to at Least Match 2022: Official
Bank of France Outlook Fuels Doubts Over Government Optimism
Unprecedented Price Caps Pit Australia’s Leader Against Big Gas
Starbucks Activist’s Firing Over Anti-Suicide Pin Is Deemed Illegal
Game Industry Pioneer Quits Meta Over VR Strategy Frustration
Musk Reinstates Taylor Lorenz After Latest Twitter Suspensions
Twitter Will Remove Accounts That Link to Other Social Media
Manchin Says He Has ‘No Intentions’ of Ditching Democratic Party
Trump’s Jan. 6 Actions Merit Insurrection Charges, Schiff Says
PulteGroup Fires Exec Accused of Defamation By Founder’s Heir
Michael Burry Says Crypto Audits Are ‘Essentially Meaningless’
Messi Wins World Cup, Argentina Beats France on Penalties
Disney’s ‘Avatar 2’ Brings In $134 Million in Domestic Opening
For the Fed, a Red Card From the Seventies
Saving the Bees Isn’t the Same as Saving the Planet
Truth Is Reasserting Itself Over Trump’s Lies
The Future of Work Is Lunch
Hollywood Loves Its Never-Ending Blizzard of Cheap Christmas Movies
Seven Takeaways From Businessweek’s Cocaine-Smuggling Cover Story
Racism Debate Casts Shadow Over Historic Dutch Apology for Slave Trade
Iran Arrests Actress for Inciting Riots as Oil, Gas Workers Strike
Vanguard Exit Has Lawyers Mapping Out Wall Street’s Top ESG Risk
EU Mulls Lower Gas-Price Cap in Latest Plan to Limit Crisis
Young Taiwanese Breathe New Life Into Villages Once Home to War Vets
Nevada’s Unemployment Rate Jumps to Highest in the US at 4.9%
Doctors Are Taking on the Next Public Health Crisis: Mass Shootings’s World Cup Win Is Overshadowed by FTX Industry Chaos
Binance, Alone at the Top After FTX, Stirs ‘Too Big to Fail’ Crypto Worry
This Week in Crypto: SBF Arrested (Podcast)
Portugal celebrate after scoring a goal against Switzerland.

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At Sunday’s World Cup championship final between France and Argentina, will have a highly coveted seat right on the sideline, with the digital-asset exchange’s name plastered on the wall just feet from both teams’ star players. For viewers still smarting from rival FTX’s implosion, the signage may put a damper on their revelry.’s field position is a highly visible symbol of how aggressively crytocurrency companies once courted mainstream investors by pouring billions into advertising and sports sponsorships as the speculative mania peaked, culminating in a blitz by FTX during last year’s US Super Bowl. But the bubble has now burst, FTX is bankrupt, its former CEO is facing fraud charges — and is standing out as crypto’s remaining major sports patron. 


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