The exhibition space, created by REALITY IS__, offered an opportunity for visitors to discover Music NFTs from pioneering artists of Asian Fake Record Label.
MILAN, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The music NFT mobile app Brots hosted a first-ever music NFT experience, as part of a new collaboration with REALITY IS__, London-based design studio and Asian Fake, an independent record label based in Milan.
The installation, which you can see on YouTube, provided a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with music NFTs in an immersive way. As part of Milano Music Week, the installation educated artists and record labels on the new dynamics that music NFTs are bringing to the music industry.
The music NFT experience was titled “//REFRACTED SOUND” and featured tracks from GINEVRA, Deriansky, and ALDA, pioneering artists of Asian Fake Record Label. A different visual artist has created a video for each song, illustrating their distinct techniques and fields, showing the variety and capabilities of NFTs.
“//REFRACTED SOUND has been an excellent opportunity for us to raise awareness of music NFTs and how they can be beneficial to the industry. This initiative also marked the start of our partnership with Asian Fake, a label that prides itself on innovation, and we are looking forward to welcoming all their artists to our platform.” Alessandro Marin, Co-Founder and CEO of Brots, explains.
“By using the music as the focal point, //REFRACTED SOUND combined AV content with scenography to create a visceral listening experience. The space utilized the surrounding architecture to create 3 zones, each featuring a different artist’s music, amplified by stunning visuals.” Carola Migliore, Creative Co-Founder of REALITY IS__, concludes.
About Brots
Brots is a mobile app designed for non-crypto users that allows artists to release their NFT projects. The application makes the Web3 experience accessible to everyone, allowing payments in € and in-app wallet creation. In order to connect Web2 and Web3, Brots is experimenting with new NFT applications for the music industry.
REALITY IS__ a London-based design studio that innovates the way we experience culture, music and technology.
About Asian Fake
Asian Fake is an independent record label based in Milan, founded in 2017 by Filippo Palazzo and Yuri Ferioli.
Alessandro Marin
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