On a mission to help people understand and navigate the evolving crypto world, Waves School was developed as a decentralized ecosystem that democratizes blockchain technology. It’s teaching users how to achieve financial freedom with its free online course. 
Born from Waves, the decentralized ecosystem that democratizes blockchain technology, Waves School is offering a free online course that aims to show how to achieve financial freedom through the crypto market.
Waves, the peoples’ blockchain, has launched a totally free crypto training academy to bring blockchain tech closer and enable mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency isn’t new to us, but it’s a financial world that is rapidly evolving and growing  – now is certainly the time to make sense of it.
Waves’ training academy is aimed at all types of people – the only prerequisite is to have internet access!
Waves is a  decentralized, secure, accessible and transparent blockchain platform. It operates with a simple interface where the community has a central focus and forms the base of the ecosystem. The Waves community features DAOs, next-generation DeFi protocols, launchpads and the flagship NFT markets
The academy aims to democratize access to DeFi (decentralized finance), making this evolving world more accessible. The course is available in more than 20 languages, making it hyper-localized.
Waves School breaks down the barriers of crypto knowledge through its structured training programme that empowers participants to learn from scratch about the new financial world of DeFi, cryptocurrencies, new investment methods, NFTs and so on. Fear no more about knowing your crypto from your tokens.
Aside from getting some top-notch knowledge, students who complete the course will also be able to open a wallet with Waves, carry out their first cryptocurrency investments in a free and responsible way, acquired Waves tokens as a renewed as well as have exclusive access to the Discord channel where all their doubts will be solved.
Find out more and sign up here.

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