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IMPT is a brand-new project that strives to use blockchain technology to make the world more sustainable. It is an excellent nominee for the “greenest” cryptocurrency of the year. 
After only five days of the presale, the project’s native currency, the IMPT token, has already raised an incredible $2.1 million.
1 IMPT equals $0.018 in the first presale phase, and the network has already sold 109 million tokens.
By acquiring carbon credits, the equivalent of offsetting 1 ton of carbon, individuals and businesses can lower their impact on the environment through IMPT. To address the problems now confronting the sector, IMPT has decided to tokenize carbon credits. 
This will eliminate any issues with double-spending tokens and greatly boost the industry’s openness. Several options exist for acquiring carbon credits. In the first place, you can get them from the IMPT market. 
However, IMPT has partnered with over 10,000 brands to award users with IMPT tokens merely for buying, making it possible for anyone without access to a cryptocurrency exchange to get their hands on some. Carbon credits can be bought and exchanged with these tokens.

With IMPT, NFTs can be employed in a brand new context: as a form of carbon offset. Putting carbon credits on a blockchain makes them much harder to falsify than any other method.
The public nature of the ledger makes it extremely difficult for carbon credits to be abused in any significant sense. It also ensures that they are constantly transparent, neither of which would be feasible without this system.
Carbon credits can be purchased, sold, and retired in the IMPT carbon marketplace. To create a market for carbon credits, NFTs are created. When used in carbon markets, blockchain technology eliminates the chance of double counting and fraud.
An independent auditor checks all carbon credits on the IMPT platform to ensure they were generated per the Global Certification Protocols. 
Carbon credit issuers and holders must complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Moreover, the carbon trading platform IMPT operates on three tiers:
Users can trade and sell their carbon credit tokens on the market. Only IMPT tokens can be used to pay for goods and services, and users can either burn their carbon credit tokens to lower their carbon footprint and see an effect immediately or hold on to the tokens as an investment.
Users can buy and sell valuable NFTs obtained by burning carbon credit tokens in the third and final tier. The user who burnt the carbon credit tokens and the artist who designed the collectible NFT would each own a unique work of art.
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If you want to buy IMPT tokens, you’re in luck because the IMPT presale is still going on. However, the IMPT presale appears to be completely sold out well ahead of its scheduled end date of November 25. 
Join their social community channels and groups to learn more about the project.
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