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Tamadoge (TAMA) has seen a price increase of 111.64% in the past day, capping an astounding rise of 770.22% since the new altcoin received its initial listings at the end of September. At $0.17, the meme coin has increased 1,600% from its discounted presale price of $0.01, with market sentiment driven by its OKX exchange (CEX and DEX) listing and anticipation for a potential Binance listing.
Since its presale reached $19 million within a few weeks, far exceeding its initial target of $2 million, TAMA’s momentum hasn’t quite slowed down. As a result, there is still a strong possibility that its remarkable rise in popularity will continue in the days and weeks to come, possibly pushing its price toward $1 and $10 in the months to come.
With the massive surge in its price, people have started to debate if Tamadoge could beat several cryptocurrencies’ prices, including Helium (HNT). Helium currently has a price of $4.97 per token, with a market capitalization of $635,543,649.70 compared to Tamadoge’s price of $0.17 and market capitalization of $169,373,513.84. This indicates that Tamadoge’s price needs to skyrocket another 2823.53% to match Helium’s price. For Tamadoge to beat Helium’s crypto price, its price must experience massive gains, which we believe are on the way. Read on to find out what we feel “more gains are coming.”
TAMA is the native cryptocurrency for Tamadoge, a brand-new cryptocurrency initiative and self-described “easy-to-earn” Dogecoin that merges the capabilities of blockchain gaming with meme coins’ tendency for sporadic profits. The cryptocurrency was created to function as a native token for its gaming ecosystem, giving investors and players access to a setting where they could engage in competitive gaming and make money doing it. Tamadoge lets users create and breed “doges,” virtual pets characterized as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Then, players can engage in combat with these pets to acquire more doges and TAMA tokens as rewards.
Following an incredibly successful Beta sale and presale that concluded months before schedule, TAMA is now tradable on the premier cryptocurrency exchange network OKX. Investors are focused on the project’s success and have high expectations for the team, particularly in light of the magnitude of the presale. Even though that availability has only been in place for a short while, early returns indicate a promising future.
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Investors tend to gravitate toward those with enormous earning potential when deciding which cryptocurrency to invest in, and Tamadoge is one of them. It combines the usability of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming with the commercial appeal of meme coins to produce a lucrative investment in which anyone can partake. To give some perspective, let’s look at why we believe Tamadoge is a worthy investment and why additional gains are anticipated in 2022 and years to come.
TAMA’s value soared after it was listed on OKX, and the fact that Tamadoge frequently shares information about its upcoming listing adds to the positive outlook for the coin. On the last day of September, the Tamadoge team announced that TAMA would be listed on MEXC on October 5th by 1 pm (UTC). Another listing that would also take place on October 5th is LBank. This would add to the previous listing on OKX and Bitmart. In addition, a recent tweet claims that Tamadoge’s team has submitted an application to list on Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange known for having strict volume requirements. The listing updates are helping Tamadoge become more optimized, resulting in higher prices.
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The first release of Tamadoge NFT will take place this week, and Tamadoge’s website has a live countdown meter for the launch. The Tamadoge NFT collection will feature a limited edition of 21,100 NFTs. These NFTs are divided into three categories—Ultra-rare, Rare, and Common. After the launch, participants will have access to a diverse range of items that can be used to boost their overall stats. Additionally, each playable Tamadoge NFT will have a unique set of skills they can employ to advance in the game.
As it would draw more users, the introduction of the NFT collection would act as a bullish catalyst for the price of TAMA. The quantity of users significantly impacts the price of TAMA, as it does with any project, irrespective of the industry. The Tamadoge ecosystem will experience greater demand as more people participate, resulting in higher prices.
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Meme coins usually don’t have roadmaps as they as developed as a joke. The creators of these crypto assets don’t decide to open the door for further development until they receive unheard-of levels of acceptance from the crypto community. These plans succeed in some cases but fail in others. On the other hand, Tamadoge has a 10-year roadmap that is strong, accurate, compelling, and supported by a team of five people. It has the potential to redefine the path taken by future meme coins in addition to offering investors enormous returns.
The Tamadoge project team is putting a lot of effort into developing a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices in accordance with its roadmap objectives. In the future, augmented reality will be added, allowing players to access their virtual pets while on the go for breeding, feeding, and combat. This will provide a fully immersive next-generation gaming experience which would attract more investors, and in return, the price of TAMA will skyrocket.
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Investors are constantly looking for new ventures to back, and Tamadoge is poised to be this year’s best cryptocurrency to buy—not just the best meme coin. Tamadoge is expected to beat Helium’s cryptocurrency price, though it might not happen this year. Nevertheless, the TAMA price has benefited from some significant early listings and the genuine excitement surrounding the underlying Tamadoge project and what it will eventually provide.
In this article, we have discussed every aspect of Tamadoge that leads us to believe its price will continue to rise. Tamadoge is expected to reinvent future meme coins. Suppose you’re wondering why you should invest in Tamadoge. In that case, you should know that it is a utility meme coin with solid foundations, fantastic community support, an appealing roadmap, and tremendous growth potential. Many cryptocurrency exchanges have begun to list the currency due to these factors, which will cause it to increase in value over the coming months.

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