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2X Emmy Award-winning motion designer — Raoul Marks teamed up with Calder Foundation and TRLab to create a Calder-Inspired NFT collection. This project, titled The Calder Question, is the first official NFT creation devoted to the 20th-century artist — Alexander Calder. Let’s have a look at the limited-edition NFTs created by Raoul Marks in The Calder Question.
On October 6, Calder Foundation and TRLab announced a partnership with Raoul Marks in a new NFT project. In light of the association, Raoul Marks created the limited-edition NFTs for “Mobiles” — the first season of The Calder Question. Therefore, the sole aim of Mobiles is to highlight Calder’s mastery of sculptural art forms.
Apparently, the limited-edition NFTs from The Calder Question include five extraordinary mobile arts, which are one-minute long each. What’s more, at the end of the learning experience, participants can have access to them but at a price. However, the experience is free to join. Also, participants must connect their crypto wallet to move through the 3-week journey. 
Moreover, Marks had to work with Rower to allow viewers to experience mobile NFTs from a unique technology perspective. In his words, “I want viewers to feel transported to the edge of space, to peer into black holes surrounded by points of light or to swoop under giant monoliths suspended in the void”. Above all, he wanted people to desire to know about Calder’s exceptional work and its continuing relevance. 
Rower, whose full name is Alexander S. C. Rower, is the president of the Calder Foundation and Calder’s grandson. Apparently, he and TRLab selected Raoul Marks to collaborate on the project’s first season due to Marks expertise. Furthermore, he stated that Calder Foundation is eager to explore the metaverse in stewarding his grandfather’s legacy.
The Calder Question opened on October 6, is an educational NFT collecting experience in remembrance of Alexander Calder. Additionally, the project aims to integrate arts education elements, gaming, and NFT collecting into an arts-focused interactive experience. 
The project will last three weeks, and participants will work on challenges and collaborative activities to unlock rewards. More importantly, the most active participants will have exclusive access to collectable items and in-person invitations to art gatherings. 
By October 31 — the end of the journey — active participants will have access to the five NFTs at an offer of $8,000 each. However, by November 1, the price goes up to $16,000. 
Through The Calder Question, participants will:
Stunningly, Raoul Marks is a 2x Emmy award-winning film and image-maker. Aside from his current project with The Calder Foundation, he has worked on sequences like The Crown, Westworld, and True Detective. Additionally, he has worked for big brands like Apple and Louis Vuitton to create major campaigns. Triple X, an organisation representing Marks, is focused on curating quality digital art and NFT projects. Raoul Marks, who created Pop Zero — NFT collection in March, seems to have more big plans in the NFT space.
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