Before we dive into the utilities offered within the Big Eyes crypto project, let’s briefly review how the project began. We will also make a comparison of Big Eyes with Cardano and Bitcoin
Bitcoin is the first and largest crypto project ever invented. Its developers were the first to devise a solution to the problems created by centralized financial organizations. Thus, following Bitcoin’s pattern, several crypto projects have been released.
Although Big Eyes Coin operates on Ethereum, it intends to mimic Bitcoin’s operations and create a fully decentralized crypto project for its users. Before we dive into the utilities offered within the Big Eyes crypto project, let’s briefly review how the project began. We will also make a comparison of Big Eyes with Cardano and Bitcoin.
Origin Of Big Eyes
Big Eyes will be a goal-driven, long-term meme-inspired crypto project. It has all it needs to thrive, setting a new path for subsequent meme coin projects.
Raised by astronauts, Big Eyes yearned to travel the world, monetize its cuteness, and use its proceeds to secure its future. Thus, Big Eyes will build a cryptocurrency for all tribes and cultures around the globe to enrich them and secure their future.
The Outstanding Utilities Of The Big Eyes Crypto Project
Big Eyes has some features that make it unique among the thousands of projects in the crypto space. By donating 5 % of its total tokens to charity, Big Eyes intends to steer its crypto project towards providing solutions to life-threatening problems.
The Big Eyes roadmap indicates that it will donate 1 million dollars to these charitable organizations to solve environmental degradation. Notably, these organizations will champion a movement that will help curb the effect of ocean degradation.
Big Eyes Compared With Cardano And Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain with super tight security. However, its operations were not eco-friendly because they involved high energy consumption.
To solve this problem, eco-friendly platforms like Cardano came into existence. Cardano operates similarly to Bitcoin but uses a new and improved consensus mechanism to verify transactions and secure its blockchain.
Cardano uses “Ouroboros,” a variation of proof-of-stake protocols, to validate transactions and add new blocks to its blockchain. It is a smart contract-enabled platform that supports building decentralized applications and other crypto projects on its blockchain.
Bitcoin is not smart contract-enabled, but the Big Eyes crypto project will support the operations of smart contracts. This innovation will facilitate the introduction of token governance and the launching of dApps like Big Eyes Swap, Big Eyes NFT, and other applications within the Big Eyes crypto project.
Additionally, because Big Eyes is a meme-themed project, it will accomplish incredible feats with the help of its large crypto community. 
The Big Eyes Token Presale
The Big Eyes token presale is ongoing. During this presale, 70% of its total tokens will be sold to its community members. Participating in this presale has been simplified to get many people aboard its crypto project.
For a start, the Big Eyes presale portal is user-friendly. This design facilitates easy navigation and enrollment. You can buy the presale using Ethereum, USDT, or BNB tokens.
Install Metamask on your smartphone or PC and fund it with at least $20 worth of tokens. Visit the Big Eyes presale portal via and register on the platform. Connect your wallet to the presale portal and click “Buy With ETH”  or any other tokens you have deposited into your wallet. Approve the transaction and wait for your crypto tokens to be delivered into your wallets after the presale concludes. 
The Future of Big Eyes
Big Eyes intends to grow its crypto community in different phases. Eventually, it will have over 50000 active members who will collaborate to govern the Big Eyes project to new heights.
The Big Eyes token will soon be listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Thus, it will make it more accessible to users on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, Big Eyes will launch its native crypto swap platform. This swap platform will have multi-chain integration to facilitate crypto swaps across blockchains in the crypto space. 
Big Eyes will transform the crypto space with its next-generation utilities. By buying the Big Eyes token presale, you can be part of this growth and possibly make money for yourself in 2022. Read more about the Big Eyes token and buy the presale through the links below.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG)
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