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Infamous beverage company ‘Moët Hennessy’ submitted not one but five NFT and metaverse trademark applications for the names “Moet,” “Moet & Chandon,” and “Dom Perignon”. This signals that Moët Hennessy is moving into the NFT space in a big way.
Another recent top beverage brand that recently filed for NFT and metaverse application was Jack Daniel’s. Surprisingly, Moët Hennessy filed for its trademark application only a few days after Jack Daniels. In other words, the competition to enter the NFT world is getting bigger. So, what do you think of the move of Moët Hennessy into the NFT world?
At the moment, Moët Hennessy is yet to say anything to the public on the matter. However, thanks to Mike Kondoudis — an Intellectual Property Attorney — we could get hold of the report. 
According to Mike, Moët Hennessy filed for five NFT and metaverse trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on September 23. Seeing that Mike also confirmed the news of Jack Daniel’s NFT trademark applications, it is safe to say that the competition is healthy.
Also, in Mike’s post, he mentioned what the trademark application covers. It includes three major categories: NFT-backed digital collectables, Retail stores for virtual goods, and Virtual restaurants and bars. Furthermore, he stated there were many other collectables involved.
Altogether, Moët Hennessy is taking their NFT and metaverse game to the next level by introducing offers where buyers can use NFT tickets to access online services, including events.
Clearly, 2022 is the year many famous brands — beverage and none beverage companies and top celebrities, embrace NFTs. From Christina Aguilera, who recently filed for NFT and metaverse trademarks, Kanye west, to Johnnie Walker. Interestingly they are trying different things out and taking advantage of their early adoption. Are you excited to see what comes next for a brand like Moët Hennessy, which is just entering the space? In due time you will find out.
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