CryptoWatch is here to deliver on the latest news there is to the blockchain world in the past week, where tech companies and developments bring light to the latest there is to the cryptocurrency world. The top news available for all centers on the NFT’s rise in Meta and OpenAI’s experiences, as well as Nexo’s lawsuit in different states in the US.
Heading to your Instagram or Facebook accounts, users may now enjoy a new feature from Meta that allows them to showcase their tokens to the public, and it would be available on display on their profiles. It is the latest feature for the social media platforms of the company, particularly for NFTs that saw integration last week. 
The Meta news release details that people only need to connect their digital wallets to their social media accounts and they may bring the non-fungible tokens over to their platforms. The feature is also available for crossposting from Instagram to Facebook or vice versa, giving the public a chance to flaunt their NFTs to various places on the internet. 
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DALL-E is OpenAI’s famed image generator which delivers on artworks and pieces as designed by users or creates new ones from known inspirations or creations. And while it is not exclusive to creating NFTs only, the AI digital image generator centers on many experiences for all to access from the company. 
OpenAI recently made the DALL-E available for public access in its beta program, where users no longer need to wait for their chance to use the feature. It aims to deliver the system for many users by only signing up to their platform and without the waitlist like before. 
As a digital artwork generation platform, it brings a slurry of new features that people may use to create their NFTs without hassle or extensive work. 
Nexo is a renowned cryptocurrency lender in the market, and the company is massive with many operations and clients at the present. However, it allegedly went into the wrong business by offering different services outside of the permits and licenses it has available, particularly with securities on its “Earn Interest Product.”
New York’s Attorney General Letitia James claimed that their office is pursuing a lawsuit against Nexo, and they are not the only one who is litigating the company. Seven other states are already filing a similar complaint from New York, with offices from California, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Washington, and Vermont.
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