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Polygon has grown to be one of the leading cryptocurrencies today. The Ethereum-based platform believes in helping everyone use Ethereum in a cheaper, more scalable way. Initially created as an Ethereum side chain, Polygon has saved users nearly $140 million on gas—money they would have easily spent on Ethereum.
Due to Polygon's unique features, many developers and businesses are now switching from Ethereum to Polygon, where they can transact faster. The good thing with building on Polygon is that security and utility are not sacrificed; businesses can still get the same level of utility they did from the Ethereum mainnet.
When a network has utility, its native token does well most times. Polygon's native token MATIC is used to pay transaction fees on the Polygon Network. When you think that over 37,000 Apps like Decentraland, Mintable, and Zor are built on Polygon, you can visualize how important MATIC is. Currently, MATIC is one of the top 20 largest coins by market cap.
How about NFTs? More NFT creators are also choosing to build on Polygon. Apart from the obvious fact that creators save money in Polygon, Polygon NFTs offer the following benefits too:
Interested in owning MATIC and NFTs on the Polygon Network? Here are the best 5 Polygon wallets in 2022.
With over 21 million monthly active users, Metamask is one of the best crypto wallets, particularly for Polygon. Although it previously existed solely as a wallet for PC, it is now available for a larger audience on mobile. This allows users to use their wallets simultaneously across different devices easily. Metamask allows users to stake and trade MATIC seamlessly.
However, to access the Polygon network through Metamask, you need to add it manually. By default, Polygon is not available on Metamask. You can use Chainlist to manually add Polygon with the details provided by the website or follow the prompts.
For Polygon NFTs, you can mint, trade, and display them on Metamask. To show your NFTs, ensure that you have already connected Polygon to your Metamask. Locate the NFT tabs and click on 'Import' to move your Polygon NFT into Metamask. To mint with Metamask, you can use the official Polygon NFT minter. It is absolutely free.
Coinbase is another great wallet for Polygon NFTs. But, it is not just limited to the Polygon ecosystem. The popular wallet—home to tens of crypto—is also compatible with other blockchain networks. It is present in 100+ countries and is the most secure Polygon wallet. Here's why:
Coinbase uses a multi-factor authentication system that drills you if you connect with a new device. The American exchange uses a combination of SMS, mail, and biometrics to protect user wallets securely. 
Coinbase also officially launched Polygon NFTs on its wallet with a special NFT collection. Users could claim the NFT and display it in their Coinbase wallets. Polygon is Coinbase's Ethereum scaling solution too, which makes it even more reliable for MATIC holding and transactions. But, like with Metamask, you have to change your default network to Polygon through the "Settings" tab. Beginners will particularly enjoy using Polygon NFTs here.
Binance's official hot wallet, Trust Wallet, is one you can easily deposit and withdraw Polygon on, making it an ideal Polygon wallet. Additionally, you can swap your MATIC for thousands of other cryptocurrencies directly from the app. The downside with using this wallet is: that it is only available as an app, so unlike the rest on this list, it Is accessible via the web only. 
Trust Wallet is the best Polygon NFT wallet for traders. It allows you to connect your Polygon NFT wallet directly to an NFT marketplace such as OpenSea. This facilitates easy trading and encourages users to flip their NFTs much faster. Trust Wallet may soon enable sending and receiving of Polygon NFTs too. 
Although not as popular as other wallets, BitKeep is a safe and decentralized crypto wallet that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including MATIC. It has over 6 million users in more than 150 countries who trust its efficiency and security.
Like Coinbase, BitKeep has an official partnership with Polygon. The partnership, which was sealed in June last year, allows users to access Polygon dApps directly from BitKeep and participate in Polygon eco projects. 
You can mint and store your Polygon NFTs on BitKeep without complex processes. In fact, users completely minted 10,000 Polygon Warriors, a collection released by Polygon, exclusively on BitKeep. 
However, all NFTs are not displayed by default, so you will need to manually display them by clicking in the "Discover" tab and tapping on "Messages." To display a Polygon NFT, search for Polygon in the mainnet list and click on add. That's it.
A wallet with a high focus on usability and NFT integrations, Venly is one of the top Polygon wallets today. It is a known partner of big names in crypto, including Polygon. While it does not focus fully on end users, it is still a great platform for projects and developers to integrate into their work.
Venly enables users to mint Polygon NFTs directly and provides an in-platform marketplace for NFT trading. Most of the NFTs available are on the Polygon network. Trading is easier on Venly because the marketplace and wallet are already in sync.
Many developers and users are switching to Polygon, a cheaper and faster blockchain than Ethereum. To use Polygon, users have to pay fees in MATIC. MATIC can be held as wallets that support Polygon, like the ones we listed. Not all Polygon wallets support Polygon NFTs, so we compiled a list of wallets that do both seamlessly.
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