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Singapore, Singapore, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On September 25th, SEIDD launched the “DoDo Dinosaur” NFT auction in official website (www.seidd.com) and the homepage of the APP, with a total of 999 works, and 40 works have been auctioned.

A a orkable and Turing-complete basic blockchain protocol, SEIDD has established a distributed Oracle data network to interact with real-world data, providing standardized solutions for many application scenarios. The multilevel side chain of SEIDD architecture enables many highly different types of consensus systems to interoperate in untrusted and completely decentralized systems, allowing open and closed networks to access each other without trust. SEIDD provides brand-new solutions for financial data transmission, decentralized financial agreement, security traceability, asset confirmation, identity information, storage, insurance and so on!
The application value of SEIDD mainly includes the following aspects:
Use of SEIDD development resources, consumption of various system resources on SEIDD, payment and settlement in dApp, use of personal data transactions, circulation of investment value, etc. Besides the governance value, SEIDD has a wider application value in the data economy, providing an important value medium for the implementation and large-scale commercial application of blockchain in the data economy. Consumption of SEIDD development resources: calling BaaS service, issuing assets, creating dApp, deploying smart contracts, and registering as a developer. Consumption of various system resources on SEIDD: initiating transfer transactions, calling dApps, calling smart contracts, creating accounts, upgrading accounts, and using various infrastructures within SEIDD ecosystem. Payment and settlement in DApps: DApps based on SEIDD supports SEIDD payment and settlement, and uses SEIDD to purchase required products and services in DApps, which is the largest carrier of value circulation in DApps system in various fields. Personal data transaction use: When DApps needs to use personal data, individuals authorize DApps to use it, and their personal data can be rewarded by SEIDD. When an individual needs to view other people’s data, he or sheneeds the authorization of the party concerned and needs to pay SEIDD. Investment circulation: SEIDD’s scarcity and strong application demand support its huge circulation value. Users can trade SEIDD in major exchanges around the world and share the value brought by the ecological growth of SEIDD.
Rules of this NFT auction:

Starting bid price: 20USDT~88USDT, with no limit on the highest bid price;
Users can bid multiple times;
USDT required by users during bidding auction will be temporarily frozen;
Each auction bid should be conducted within the auction time;
After the countdown, the highest bidder will get this NFT. USDT of the remaining users participating in the auction will immediately return their account assets.
Note: DoDo Dinosaur NFT will be the star NFT created by SEIDD. This NFT will get DAO voting rights, dividend rights (all SEIDD ecological income dividends), airdrop rights (SEIDD cooperation and its own ecological airdrop), copyright income, interest spread income rights, etc. SEIDD will cooperate with mainstream blockchain games to produce Web3.0 blockchain games and metaverse immersion scene construction. Holding DoDo dinosaur NFT will get massive meta-universe NFT airdrops.
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Company Name: SEIDD
Contact: Voelcker Jack
Website: www.seidd.com
Email: seiddchain (at) seidd.com
Phone: 852 6610 6941


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