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Phuket, Thailand, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Unchained Elephants, a new NFT art project, seeks to rescue 2 or more working elephants in Thailand. The project will use the proceeds from its NFT sales to buy and rescue these animals from abusive work environments in the tourism industries. In addition to helping elephants welfare, Unchained Elephants will also give back to its supporters by offering an exclusive travel club where they can enjoy special benefits and perks such as discounts on excursions, tours and hotels. 
Unknowingly, elephant riding has grown somewhat contentious in Thailand. Like most animals, elephants are not meant to live in captivity. However, hundreds of captive elephants in Thailand are abducted as infants, separated from their families, and forced into a life that negatively impacts their growth emotionally, mentally, and physically. According to Thailand’s official agencies, there are between 3,000 to 4,000 elephants in the country, and around half of these are domesticated. The Unchained Elephants team wishes to provide the opportunity to the local people to be able to better the lives of these animals by offering real solutions to the issues their country is facing. 

Unchained Elephants first goal is to raise awareness to buy the freedom and rescue captive elephants working in harsh conditions in  the tourism sector and unchain them at ethical sanctuaries in Thailand. Furthermore, the NFT main initiative is to raises awareness and educate travelers around the world about the harsh truth behind the welfare of these elephants. By educating travelers they hope to stop the demand for elephant trekking or animal shows while at the same time providing a FREE training program that would help elephant caretakers and business owners in Thailand, to put their elephant welfare at the forefront and run their business on a more ethical practice. 

The Original Unchained Elephants collection included 99 hand-drawn elephants by renowned Ecuadorian artist Luis Felipe Donoso. In their upcoming collection of 9,999 NFTs, each depicts a calm elephant sitting in meditation, enjoying various settings. The collection will be minted on the XRP blockchain (XRPLedger).

The Founder of Unchained Elephants, Daniel Villota, said ”I always believed that a business should find a way to give weight and voice to social causes while making it easier and more interesting for everyone to support the cause by providing them utilities that would grant them additional benefits. Elephants are no doubt a must-experience activity when visiting Thailand, and I don’t wonder why. They truly are majestic, but there are better ways to do so. This is why I founded Unchained Elephants, with a mission to raise awareness amongst travelers to stop the demand of elephant trekking & elephant shows, rescue elephants from these harsh working conditions so we can at least stop the suffering, and providing training to elephant caretakers and business owners to run a more ethical business and thus completing the circle to truly make a difference in the welfare and lifespan of Asian elephants. 

Our NFT project & initiative will allow holders to enjoy traveling while being a part of this change. A project that would resonate with those who want more from their NFT project, care about these creatures, and like to travel.” 

For every NFT purchase, 40% of the sales go directly towards buying the freedom of these captive elephants and providing educational programs for travelers and elephant caretakers alike to truly make a difference. In addition, the project will donate a percentage of its secondary sales to feed and maintain the rescued elephants. The initial NFT holders also receive a certificate of adoption from the rescued elephants and can access the sanctuaries where the elephants will be unchained, as well as access to the upcoming travel club platform, which offers savings and travel privileges on Phuket excursions, tours, and hotels.

About Unchained Elephants

Unchained elephants is a cause-driven NFT project founded in 2021 that aims to raise awareness and educate the masses on elephant tourism’s impact, provide alternative activities for tourists in Thailand, and help rehabilitate and rescue elephants trapped by unethical tourism activities. Unchained Elephants buys the freedom of captive elephants and funds ethical and safe sanctuaries for their rehabilitation through funds raised by their NFT collections. 
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