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Since the introduction of Bitcoin, more cryptocurrency businesses, tokens, and financial services have been available worldwide. In addition to success, which is what each of these organisations strives for, they’ll have other objectives.
The majority of the businesses, like Algorand (ALGO), Flow (FLOW), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG), concentrated on addressing a specific problem and providing functionality that other currencies lacked.
The new coin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently vying for attention in the market. People anticipate this coin surpassing Algorand (ALGO) and Flow (FLOW). The adaptability of the coin is a crucial factor in determining its expected success. What exactly sets this cryptocurrency apart from others, and what benefits does it offer?
Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a community-based coin with a user-driven and user-monetized ecosystem. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) was created to direct cryptocurrency riches into the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) ecosystem while preserving the oceans, a vital part of the global ecosystem.
To this end, a visible charity wallet has been created with 5% of Big Eyes (BIG) tokens designated for preserving the oceans. Trusted sources of wealth for the community and charities include Community Tokens.
However, Big Eyes Coin’s goals go beyond maximising earnings by 1000x. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) longs to provide more to its users. It will accomplish this by creating a hyper-growing, self-replicating blockchain ecosystem. The blockchain will use non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to grant users access to more activities and content that will make them fall in love with the token and its blockchain.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG) also prepares NFT collections that rank among the top 10. This shows that the community will inevitably receive value for its token. Additionally, the community will vote on whether or not to burn the proceeds from NFT events. Users can transact without paying and buy taxes or fees, so they need not worry.

Algorand (ALGO), a cryptocurrency launched in 2019, hopes to advance and develop new applications for cryptocurrencies by decreasing the time it takes for a transaction to be certified as complete and speeding up the transaction.
Algorand (ALGO) distributes its ALGO coin into its ecosystem, giving users of the platform access to a certain amount of the currency with each new block, setting it apart from other currencies. Users can also develop smart contracts and tokens that can represent both new and existing assets, thanks to Algorand (ALGO).
Flow’s blockchain’s native token is called Flow (FLOW). In reality, it is essential to maintain and operate the Flow (FLOW) blockchain. The goal of the development of Flow was to create a blockchain without sharding and with reliable decentralisation. Additional scalable applications and solutions for games, apps and other digital assets are also intended.
Decentralised Applications (dApps) using the Flow blockchain can use Flow (FLOW) tokens as their primary form of payment. These dApps can use the Flow (FLOW) token for additional transactions. They could be adequate as incentives for users to succeed. Lastly, people that own Flow (FLOW) tokens and stake them have the ability to become nodes.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG)
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