Blockchain hacking is not impossible, but it’s really not easy. Have you ever heard that the Bitcoin blockchain was hacked and seriously lost its function, even temporarily? If that had happened, Bitcoin would have already been destroyed. Hacking a good blockchain is almost possible, but only in fiction. However, it is not easy to argue this when there are claims that hacking is possible due to the large difference in perception of the scope of hacking. However, there are often reports that cryptocurrency has been stolen. Cryptocurrency theft news can be misinterpreted as blockchain hacking in the broad sense. There are two main ways to steal cryptocurrency. One way is for the hackers to steal private keys that they can use to move coins from coin owners. The other way is for a hacker to steal a password to open a coin owner’s wallet. Here, readers should first know what a private key is and what a wallet password is too. To do that, you have to understand that it’s a private key.
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