Turns out the "pink it and shrink it" marketing strategy that mainstream shops often reach for in an attempt to draw women is fungible. What's not: social causes, or so one NFT project is banking on.
Why it matters: World of Women (WoW) started out as a PFP, or profile picture collection, offering an NFT collection depicting women in an industry better known for ape-punk dominated worlds fueled by memes, sarcasm and general punk crassness.
Flashback: WoW's first drop in July 2021 was a hit, with 10,000 generative portraits created from 200 drawn by co-founder Yam Karkai, selling out in mere hours at 0.07 ether apiece.
State of play: Today, as NFT market activity slows to a trickle, projects like WoW — now just a year old — are trying to keep the momentum alive with things that should matter to everyone, not just women.
The latest: Snow and Inna Modja, WoW's head of philanthropy, spoke at a co-hosted event at New York's Tavern on the Green about climate change and using art to spread the message.
The big picture: "WoW has already committed $2 million to social, gender and climate causes around the world," Snow says, referencing the 5% raised from the initial collection drop to charities and auctions they host. They dropped their second collection in March.
Details: "Legacy" refers to the place WoW has already forged in history, per its mainstreaming women via NFT collection but also with its record-making Christie's auction in February.
Of note: When the Roe v. Wade decision landed, trolls emerged on the Discord channels of WoW and certain other NFT collections dominated by women holders, sowing divisiveness, Snow says.
What's next: Expansion is on the agenda, showing the demands of keeping an NFT collection hot — there are live events, TV shows and movies in development using WoW intellectual property, physical dolls, and fashion lines.
The bottom line: "We’ve had influential people use and purchase WoWs," Snow says, but WoW has not, nor will it use influencer marketing. It's about "authenticity."


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