Love 'em, hate 'em or simply don’t understand 'em, it’s no secret that NFTs, and the larger world of crypto-currency, are big business. Some directors, such as Kevin Smith, have even released movies as collectible non-fungible tokens– but the new trailer for NFT teases a far more sinister spin on a world of digital dread.
Writer/director Jonas Odenheimer (Classroom 6) has released the first look at his crypto chiller NFT, starring Najarra Townsend (The StylistDementia: Part II). The British horror was produced through Odenheimer’s Old Jim Productions shingle, and it’s not the first time the director has explored the world of Internet-based terror.
The plot synopsis for NFT reads as follows:
Alongside Townsend, NFT’s cast includes David Wayman (The Ledge), Mariah Nonnemacher (Terminator: Dark Fate), Durassie Kiangangu (Imperial Blue), Amelie Edwards (The Waving Man), Nobuse Jnr (Hounded), Jasmine Clark (The Witches of Dumpling Farm) and Charlie Rich (Morris Men).
From the trailer and stills below, NFT looks like a fresh new spin on the idea of horror being spread via tech. This time it’s not videotapes, phone calls or chain emails you have to watch out for, but digital images. Judging by how quickly it takes something to go viral on Twitter, we’re all doomed.
NFT doesn’t yet have a set release date, so in the meantime let’s take a look at some of the stills from the movie (if you dare!)

Check out the trailer for NFT here:

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