OneAset, Indonesia’s investment application platform, has launched its NFT marketplace on its app, which allows its users and creators to have NFTs as digital assets. According to OneAset’s Twitter post, the company unveiled its launch on 8 July 2022.The company shared that it’s only available for Indonesian-based users. It enables users to purchase, resell, and choose NFT work in different categories – such as photography, literature, and artwork.
Purchasing an NFT requires a gas fee, which can be paid with Aset Coin or a virtual account. In addition, creators are able to create posts into NFTs as well on the application’s OneAset Community feature – creators are able to choose the template colours, and descriptions; additionally, get into royalties and create them into their new or existing collection. Besides that Community feature also gives tips and discussions on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, that are related to NFT artwork.
Recently an NFT creator on the platform, Edo Huang, an artist who designs cards that are used by The Blue Crown, MCM WorldWide and other card companies, is going viral for his NFT Creator debut at OneAset.Another NFT creator case is Tommy Chandra, who’s an illustrator and graphic designer who has just released his limited edition NFT work on OneAset. 
 OneAset was established in 2021 and it’s an integrated investment application that provides a variety of investment products, financial education and community features – which is to create a one stop solution platform in investment and fintech.
Similarly on Indonesia’s NFT launches,  BINTANG Crystal, by Multi Bintang Indonesia, previously collaborated with Irukandji, an Indonesian Non-Fungible Token (NFT) community, to launch an exclusive collection of 33 NFTs. Marking the collaborators’ debut in the Web 3.0 scene, the NFT collection titled “Taste-timonials by BINTANG Crystal X Irukandji”, will be launched this weekend as an effort to “visualise the uniqueness of the taste of BINTANG Crystal”.
The 33 NFTs, four of which are designated as being city-exclusive, were created by visual artist SlimSteady. These four NFTs’ artwork will each be a reflection of the distinctive qualities of the cities of Medan, Jakarta, Bali, and Manado. Customers will be able to observe the Kandjis and the uniqueness of each city.
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