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Rumour has it that Yuga Labs is launching a brand new NFT collection called Mecha Apes, by the end of the year. 
Based on leaked documents seen by crypto media outlet Protos, Yuga Labs intends to raise $50 million from the collection and release 100,000 virtual plots. Some people believe that this rumour is consistent with a leaked Yuga Labs pitch deck.  
As it can be seen in the pitch deck, a project titled Ultimate Mecha Ape is supposed to be launched in September.
The BAYC creators have always been secretive about their projects. Yuga Labs co-founder Garga took to Twitter to report the “Mecha Apes” rumours as fake.
fake news👍 https://t.co/KVMaO18IaF
Even when the above mentioned pitch deck was leaked in March, Garga immediately denied the roadmap’s accuracy, claiming that it’s an “old” and “outdated” pitch deck.
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