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So, crypto prices are shooting up in bounds and leaps, and the biggest investors are cashing in on this price movement. Who wouldn’t? They are constantly searching for all the pointers that the market will go into an uptrend and which crypto will likely explode in price next.
There has been a recent boost of up to $50 billion in the crypto market. Many investors are concerned. Is this a sign that the next leg down is about to begin? Why the recent explosion in crypto prices?
Firstly, there are no more deleveraging activities as the events appear to have peaked, and dominoes can’t fall again because they are exhausted. No other shoes have dropped since Celsius, Terra, Three Arrows Capital, and Voyager fell.
Read on to find out the cause of the recent price explosion and which promising crypto you can buy now.
Whales are accumulating when the prices of the big cryptos are flashing oversold.
Sellers appear to be exhausted, with bitcoin and other big coins holding oversold positions. Another closely related reason is that the big-time whales want to position themselves differently in the market and buy new assets as they believe that the cryptocurrency market is currently at or close to an all-time low.
Furthermore, following the anticipation of a palliative offer by European policymakers, the prices for gas in Europe have taken a fall. Consequently, the prices of bonds also fell even though the prices of gold and oil were up.
However, since the stock market condition is good, it has caused a ripple effect that has touched other risky assets, and which other asset is riskier than the crypto market? But the most significant factor leading to the most recent bullish trend appears to be the decline in the dollar since there is a powerful negative association between the dollar and bitcoin. The fall in the dollar value unearthed the risk asset bulls.
In addition, the analysis and actions of the financial institutions have also contributed to the uptrend of the crypto market. When information broke out that Franklin Templeton was going to be giving institutional dependents cryptocurrency accounts, the DBS, the largest bank in Singapore, had earlier in the week released a statement that it was going to give trading and digital asset services to 300,000 of its richest clients. The Whampoa Group also did likewise a few days later. This cascade of events was because BlackRock, the largest global asset manager, declared that it would be investing for its clients in crypto. 
Another reason for this positive market value is the Ethereum merge. The proposed merger will make business transactions in the crypto space cost-effective and insanely scalable, which means businesses can carry out transactions on an industrial scale.
Besides the big crypto coins, there are positive vibes in other projects too. Tamadoge (TAMA) is the prime example, as it has done 400 percent presale growth.
>>>Buy Tamadoge Now<<<
Tamadoge is the latest meme coin with growth potential that you shouldn’t ignore. It’s a pioneer meme coin that has a metaverse and real utilization. The developers built the Tamadoge ecosystem to feature Play-to-Earn dynamics, where active enthusiasts can get TAMA tokens through well-organized pathways.
The Play-to-Earn game features virtual pets that double as NFTs and are called TAMA pets. Players are required to nurture and grow their digital pets to mature forms to compete with other players in tournaments and other in-game missions. The TAMA pets can also be bought, sold, and traded in the Tamadoge Pet Store. The TAMA token is used for all transactions.
The potential for this exciting project exceeds expectations. The beta sale generated more than $2 million within two weeks, and it performed better than expected. There was also another $9.5 million raised during the general presale, and this was less than four weeks.
The best crypto minds predict the growth potential to be in the region of 10, 20, and 50 times once the project goes live. It is already called the hottest crypto in 2022.
>>>Buy Tamadoge Now<<<
The presale is not closed yet, which means you can still invest. For 1 USDT, you can get 40 TAMA tokens. The total token supply is two billion, and the presale accounts for 50 percent of this. 70 percent is sold already. Don’t drag your feet on this one. Visit the presale webpage and become an early investor in the king of all meme coins. At the time of writing, Tamadoge has generated about $15 million already.
>>>Buy Tamadoge Now<<<
Even though the recent price explosion may be a sign of the crypto market reaching its bottom, it’s possible that it’s not there yet. With the volatility in the market, one coin that has recently stood the harsh market tests is Tamadoge. Top financial analysts have predicted a rise in the TAMA token price following the recent Tamadoge pet store’s 5 percent burn rate. Therefore, it’s wise to jump in on this project while the presale is still available.

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