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Kiyosaki, the author of the most popular book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, has alerted the investors of crypto users to buy the assets when their price falls. Before the economic crash, he advised baked beans and stockpiling cans of tuna to save against inflation.
He stated that he lost trust in the United States Federal Reserve and Treasury agencies and administrations that are controlling the US dollar; it may result in the expansion of digital currencies that are not under the control of administrations across the nation.
On Sunday 2022, he alerted the “Rich Dad Community” subscribers to start investing in the cryptocurrency before the crash happens. It is a suitable time to turn the poor into the rich ones. Two months back, he predicted that all the stock markets, gold, and silver markets, including Bitcoin, were also going to crash.
He was initially interested in purchasing the two-year United States Treasury but changed his mind after listening to one of the popular economists, Harry Dent.
“I don’t want to invest in the things that the Fed or Wall Street prints. It’s time to open my mind, ” he said.
He recommended investors invest in crypto, including gold and silver. Kiyosaki added that he had been trying to invest in Bitcoin for several months before the cryptocurrency price had increased to $1,100 (USD).
On Tuesday 2022, he tweeted that the silver price was going to decrease. He said the silver price will remain at $20 (USD) for 3-5 years and it will increase up to $100(USD) to $500(USD) in the upcoming years. It will be easy for anyone to afford silver now. So he suggested that we adopt silver now.
In May 2022, Robert Kiyosaki stated on his most famous radio show that trading in bitcoin is just like playing an online game. He thinks that investing in bitcoin has no value. He recommended that investors buy an asset for less than its worth.
From the survey, he said silver is the most precious metal to invest in. He predicted in 1788 that the bond would crash, so it would be a better option for investors to invest in gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.
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