CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Minti Labs announces strategic partnership with CryptoSlam, leading aggregator of NFT collectible data. CryptoSlam tracks thousands of different NFT projects from 19 different blockchains, including the breakout NFT success story of 2021, NBA Top Shot. CryptoSlam’s data has been cited by major media outlets covering the NFT industry, including CNBC, Seeking Alpha, Forbes, the New York Times and many others.

Under the partnership, Minti Labs will provide CryptoSlam users real-time NFT data from their products, including their newest release IMSA Fastlane. CryptoSlam will track Minti Labs transaction data and provide their users instant access to the latest drops and information on upcoming opportunities.
CryptoSlam is the industry leader in providing aggregated NFT data whose expertise we are excited to leverage as we grow the Minti Labs ecosystem,” said Paul Dube, CTO and Founder of Minti Labs. “This partnership will allow us to analyze the data generated in the Minti Labs ecosystem against the world’s biggest NFT data set to provide us insights to build better products and services.”
“Being a lifetime collector myself, I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership where CryptoSlam will be helping Minti Labs bring best-in-class digital collectibles like the IMSA Fastlane to market,” said Randy Wasinger, founder and CEO of CryptoSlam.
Through the partnership, both companies plan to engage in cross marketing efforts to help to accelerate user growth while further improving user experience.
About Minti Labs
Minti Labs is a full service Web3 company building products that offer boundless experiences. From digital collectibles to gaming to the metaverse, Minti Labs is a gateway to possibility – limited only by a brand’s creativity. An experienced team of developers, designers and strategists provide innovators with the capability and experience required for Web3 initiatives.
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About CryptoSlam
CryptoSlam is a leading aggregator of non-fungible token (NFT) data from a growing list of popular blockchains, including Ethereum, Ronin, Solana, Flow, Polygon and WAX. It aims to provide ultimate transparency for the NFT industry.
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About IMSA Fastlane
IMSA Fastlane is the officially licensed marketplace for members to collect and trade video NFT highlights™ from IMSA’s iconic history.
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Media: Jeff Neasmith
Media: Jeff Neasmith


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