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Bitcoin (BTC) was up by 2.47 per cent, Ethereum (ETH) rose 2.24 per cent, while Binance was up by 0.71 per cent. SHIB was the most trending crypto.
There are quite a few landmark judgments which, while not resulting in the expected social transformation, have made a beginning simply by acknowledging the wrong
The latest Outlook edition titled Women-in-law takes stock of significant rulings and legislations in recent times that specifically deal with women’s rights in the country.
Progressive verdicts by courts help the cause of gender justice. But a lot remains to be done. Despite laws like protection of women from domestic violence act, 2005, Indian women continue to suffer violence in a patriarchal society, claim activists and experts
Why does our legal morality treat marriage between two people as some social welfare institution in whose continuance society at large has a stake?
Despite there being a multitude of alimony and maintenance laws, women are left empty-handed and struggle to make ends meet after a bad marriage, as experts feel that these laws do not give any cover for the women
Updated: 09 Sep 2022 9:54 am
Cryptocurrency prices were trading with gains. Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and other meme coins rose as of Friday morning. Shiba Inu (SHIB) was the most trending coin and the biggest gainer was Terra Classic (LUNC).
The global crypto market went up by 1.13 per cent to $987.23 billion at 8.30 am. The trading volume was down by 3.52 per cent to $72.58 billion, according to Coinmarketcap data.
The trading volume in the decentralised finance coins section is about $7.61 billion, or 10.49 per cent of the total crypto market’s 24-hour volume. The volume of all stable coins is $66.34 billion, or about 91.41 per cent of the total crypto market volume in the last 24 hours. 
The top gainer was Terra Classic (LUNC). It was up by 16.25 per cent to $0.0005341. The top loser was Helium (HNT), down 8.17 per cent at $4.76.
Bitcoin: BTC rose 2.47 per cent to $19,688.13
Bitcoin’s trading session was highly volatile with its price frequently hitting red and green zones within a short span of time. However, after 12.44 am on September 9, BTC’s trade gained an upward momentum which lifted its price from 19,200 levels to 19,500 levels within a span of 50 minutes. BTC is now trading at its day’s highest price level.
Its lowest intraday trading price was $19,076.71, while its volume was down by 0.16 per cent at $32,895,654,799.
Ethereum: Ethereum’s price rose 2.24 per cent to $1,663.45 in the last 24 hours to Friday morning.
Ethereum was also highly volatile like BTC and was frequently in both the red and green zones. However, after 1.14 am on September 9, ETH saw an upward momentum, which took its price from $1,627 to $1,654 within 30 minutes. ETH is now creating a new high price level with each passing hour and is trading currently at its day’s highest price level.
The lowest price for ETH today was $1,603.06. ETH’s trading volume was down by 2.74 per cent at $17,555,781,667.
Other Altcoins: Solana's (SOL) price was up by 4.74 per cent at $34.09 today.
Ripple (XRP) rose 3.18 per cent at $0.343 and its 24-hour trading volume was down by 0.19 per cent at $1,064,580,105.
Cardano (ADA) rose 1 per cent to $0.4822. Cardano’s 24-hour trading volume rose 7.39 per cent to $669,655,488.
Binance (BNB) was up by 0.71 per cent to $281.99. Its 24-hour trading volume was down by 6.55 per cent at $845,581,983.
Dogecoin (DOGE) was up by 0.77 per cent at $0.0614. Its 24-hour trading volume was up by 0.01 per cent at $284,425,059.
Shiba Inu was up by 0.16 per cent to $0.00001232.
Yearn.Finance (YFI) fell 0.18 per cent to $9,314.22. Its 24-hour trading volume was down by 21.87 per cent at $50,036,902.
Avalanche (AVAX) was up by 4.05 per cent at $19.74 and its 24-hour trading volume was up by 20.67 per cent at $341,016,262.
Aave (AAVE) was trading with a gain of 1.78 per cent at $89.31 and its 24-hour trading volume was down by 8.64 per cent at $114,459,191.
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