Half the year I live in the EU, the other half in Dubai
Heyyy. My name is Julia aka J_SKY, I grew up in a creative family, my grandfather is an honored artist. I’ve been doing creative work all my life
I am an interior designer by education, I also studied monumental painting. I have created more than a dozen murals in the interior.
I also create oil paintings and participated with them at exhibitions.
But I’ve been a full-time nft artist for 1.5 years now and I want to continue to build my career in this WEB 3 space.
I have created and sold over 60 artworks on SuperRare, FND and KO.
I am also co-founder and artist of the WRAKX collection.
Having a common focus and desire to develop the WEB 3 space, because only here I feel free and can do what I want. In my opinion, the feeling of freedom is why artists come to the NFT space.

My first collection was created by Opensea 1.5 years ago. I chose Opensea because it was the most famous marketplace and I didn’t know much about other marketplace, haha. The collection was called CryptoAnimals and consisted of different images of animals. My choice was associated with animals, because they are a big part of our life, and some of them are on the verge of extinction, while only a small part of humanity is concerned about salvation. Part of the proceeds goes to support animals (WWF or local shelters).
My iPad Pro. I spend most of my life with Ipad, and it is a window to my Web 3 world, also with it I create my art and just a universal helper for everyday life.
My favorite is Hieronymus Bosch. My favorite is Hieronymus Bosch. He has a unique style of images, a detailed drawing of the characters, an unusual look at the typical.

My favorite is @SubwwayM. He has a unique style and bright art.
I have been surrounded by art since childhood, because as a child I spent a lot of time in my grandfather’s workshop and I liked it, so I decided to connect my life with the creation of art
Art made by Archan Nair and Deekay, BAYC, Cryptopunks.
I would like to send to Machu Picchu, a place located in the mountains has crazy energy and a great history
I love to eat (haha) try the cuisine of different nationalities, unusual cuisine.
Not yet, but I would like to try to create a sculpture (create my own toy)
Now my teacher is my experience and the time I spent on creating art
Since I love animals, I wanted to draw them, but at the same time I wanted them to look unusual. Then I started adding new heroes and eventually I got WRAKX
The style was getting weirder :))
I want to give more value to my collectors – to give physical paintings, to be able to buy a real WRAKX figurine
I would like to collaborate with Archan Nair. Since we have different styles, I would like to try to integrate them into each other, to create something new. By creating something new we will progress
When creating my first collection (CryptoAnimals), I did not adhere to a single style – a single concept
1.25 ETH
Yes, soon I will publish a new drop on SuperRare
I would like to end with the following words: You are not late. You are not early. You are on time.
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