The cryptocurrency market is already a hotbed of innovation, with more on the way. NFT coins (also known as metaverse coins by some) are cryptocurrencies backed primarily by utility NFT technologies, metaverse games, and artists.
NFT coins are among the DeFi industry’s disruptors. Among the many popular NFT currencies are Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), and Big Eyes (BIG).
Decentraland (MANA) is a worldwide three-dimensional network based on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual world where users may buy and sell digital real estate, play games, and explore the globe with thousands of others.
Users explore the world of Decentraland by customising their avatar with hundreds of thousands of unique combinations, with wearable things demanding high real-world costs.
When Facebook announced its Metaverse plans in October 2021, the MANA token’s price surged from $0.71 to $4.96 in only three days.
The Sandbox (MANA) is a top coin on our list of the best gaming cryptocurrencies.
This cryptocurrency is a market leader in the Metaverse, intending to connect the virtual and real worlds with patented NFTs.
While exploring the Sandbox area, players from all over the world may engage and network. Within the Sandbox Metaverse, users and players may create and customise their characters, which can subsequently be used to engage in play-to-earn activities.
In terms of market performance, the SAND currency has made remarkable returns since its debut. SAND reached an all-time high in November 2021, hitting around $8.40.
This top-rated cryptocurrency is available for $0.94, a considerable fall from its peak price at the time of writing.
Big Eyes (BIG) is a brand-new cryptocurrency with limitless potential. Adherents should not pass up the opportunity to participate in Big Eyes cat’s colourful and prosperous world!
Play-to-earn NFT games, incentivised models that reward holders of BIG, the native token, with mintable NFTs and transaction fees via soft staking, are among these options.
Big Eyes has completed security and protocol examinations and is now authorised to conduct DeFi-related operations.
BIG has several advantages for both holders and purchasers. Governance, staking, and liquidity mining will be among the perks.
Furthermore, Big Eyes Coin holders have the freedom to engage in philanthropic reasons and utilise a portion of their passive income to aid others.
You may pass on a golden chance if you do not participate in its current presale round, which has already generated over $1 million in just hours of becoming live. Yes, Big Eyes (BIG) is already capturing attention worldwide.
Obtaining the BIG token at the private sale stage would be a better method to get the most out of the Big Eyes ecosystem.
You may purchase the BIG coin through presale with a credit card or a crypto-to-crypto transaction. You may also acquire the token in a public sale when it is offered on Uniswap or any other centralised or decentralised exchange allowed by the team.


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