On September 1, the quintessential Tokyo label AMBUSH announced its latest Metaverse venture titled “A3,” in collaboration with OP3N, a launchpad for IP and communities in Web3, and the Avalanche Foundation’s Culture Catalyst — a $100 million USD fund promoting arts and entertainment projects on the Avax ecosystem.
In a bid to continue Yoon Ahn‘s efforts to innovate within the Metaverse paradigm, the cutting-edge brand is introducing a new border-defying NFT that explores a phygital offering. Launching on September 12, a total of 2,023 “A3” NFTs will be available to mint, with AMBUSH POW!®️ REBOOT and POW!®️ GITD NFT holders being prioritised on the “A3” purchase allowlist.
“At AMBUSH we are about exploring new boundaries. Since launching our POW!® NFT and SILVER FCTRY metaverse earlier this year, we have been trying to merge real touchpoints and products with web3. A3 in collaboration with Avalanche and OP3N is an exciting project for us where we will further explore how real products and digital experience can interact and create new values and standards for the space,” said Yoon Ahn, Creative Director of AMBUSH, in an exclusive press release.
The “A3” NFT collectors will receive a limited-edition necklace of AMBUSH’s iconic lighter case in a red chrome hue and virtual access to an exclusive event taking place in Milan on September 23 — other exclusive perks are yet to be announced. The purchase also includes a chance to enter a raffle for access to an IRL experience in Milan, and access to the token-gated room in AMBUSH’s SILVER FCTRY Metaverse, which will allow holders to join the virtual presentation and discover other virtual goodies while there. Winners will be announced on September 15.
“Fashion is such an integral part of culture and this partnership with AMBUSH is a perfect addition to the slate of Culture Catalyst projects. AMBUSH’s first two NFT drops, which sold out in minutes, demonstrates the appetite and demand for exclusive access to brands in Web3 and we’re excited to collaborate with them on the A3 NFT drop,” expressed Jaeson Ma, OP3N co-CEO during the release announcement.
Watch this space for more AMBUSH®️NFT projects to come.

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