DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2022 / The Slavi Ecosystem development team has announced the staging of an NFT drop for Slavi Community valued at an equivalent of $10 million. The event is dedicated to the launch of a new range of project events for VIP members and exclusive asset holders for bootstrapping community engagement and empowering users. –
The NFT Drop event will entail the distribution of Gold Pass Badges to the most active participants, rewarding them with numerous other opportunities for entertainment, collecting, and investment. The NFT-based Gold Pass Badges will give their holders a number of distinct advantages and privileges when attending the project’s events, as well as considerable savings on platform purchases.
Holders of Gold Pass Badges will have VIP access for participation in the Slavi Ecosystem’s TeddyVerse Token Presale and Rich Teddy Club Presale at the best prices. Both events are pioneering experiences for the Slavi Ecosystem, giving users the chance to delve into an exclusive world of digital luxury and entertainment through collecting and a gamified user experience within the project’s native metaverse.
The Gold Pass Badge also gives access to Governance Features that allow holders to vote for project changes on a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) basis. Seasonal discount drops on NFT items in the game will stand at 50%, making holding the Gold Pass Badge an essential for any investor seeking to stock up on prime NFTs.
Drop boosters in the TeddyVerse game will also be accessible to Badge holders, along with discounts on purchases of up to 90%. Exclusive invitations to future private events around the world, access to a private chat VIP community, and some secret extra bonuses are also in store for the lucky winners of the Gold Pass Badge.
The drop will commence on September 1st and will last until 15th. All participants of the event will receive their prizes onto their Slavi Wallet balances throughout the 15-day span of the event. The Slavi Ecosystem welcomes everyone to join the world of digital fun and luxury, and participate in the many events it hosts on a regular basis.
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