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Cryptocurrencies like Solana have been in use for more than 10 years, thanks to the addition of additional industries like DeFi, NFTs, DEXs, and several others. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that DeFi activities began to gain attention. In 2020, the pandemic’s year, Bitcoin-related businesses gained traction. In 2021, NFTs saw an increase in popularity. Cryptocurrencies like Solana have had ups and downs in price since 2019, and now is the time to look at other promising cryptos like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and ApeCoin (APE) to really get your crypto wallets looking healthy again.
Investors are always trying to figure out which of the newest cryptocurrency tokens or currencies, like Solana, has the best chance of growing as fast as Solana. The two cryptocurrencies discussed in this essay, such as Solana, have the potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency sector completely. The two of them are Big Eyes and Apecoin.
The layer 1 blockchain known as Solana (SOL) was developed in 2017 and released in 2020. The Solana project was created to address the problems of Layer 1 blockchains. Solana scales with increasing block sizes are quick and charge cheap transaction costs. The project was conceived by Anatoly Yakovenko, whose Solana Foundation serves as its parent organization. Smart contracts and dApp hosting are both possible with Solana, making it appropriate for constructing DEFI projects (decentralized apps). Developers trying to create scalable solutions find Solana to be highly appealing as a result.
A Proof of History (PoH) consensus method, which is a subset of the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, is used by Solana. This aids Solana and its validators in network security and transaction validation. Because it provides them with the resources they need to create and scale their applications, the Solana blockchain is a terrific place for developers to go. SOL is the blockchain’s utility token, and token owners may stake, sell, or utilize the token in transactions.

One of the most well-known NFTs collections, Bored Ape Yacht Club by Yuga labs, served as the inspiration for the decentralized cryptocurrency project known as ApeCoin. The cryptocurrency was developed to fuel the Ape Ecosystem, a decentralized and financially motivated community for individuals exploring the advantages of the web3 area through creation, gaming, or entertainment.
The ERC-20 token also functions as the community governance token, ensuring that ApeCoin DAO permits equity and broad inclusivity in the ongoing construction and development of the APE Ecosystem. You may be granted access to some exclusive games and services inside the community if you possess ApeCoins. You may even be permitted to join the ecosystem as a third-party developer.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a different new cryptocurrency project that’s generating a lot of buzz and conversation in the industry. Big Eyes Coin was developed to move wealth into the Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) ecosystem and protect an important facet of the global ecosphere. The native cryptocurrency of the project, called BIG, features a cat as its symbol and is essentially a meme coin.
In contrast to many other cryptocurrencies that are only discussed and take no action, Big Eyes Coin will provide proof to support the excitement. Big Eyes Coin distinguishes itself in a market that is getting more and more crowded thanks to a few core concepts. Big Eyes Coin, the organization’s mascot, represents these ideals by adopting the feline demeanor.
Big Eyes Coin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency initiative that cares about all of its users and wants to make the world a better place. Investing in Big Eyes Coin has advantages. So while there is still time in the presale, take the chance. Don’t let this chance pass!
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