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Active participation is often the key to success in any business model. However, most cryptocurrency platforms do not engage their community of users well enough. Several cryptocurrency platforms, such as Ethereum and Stellar, bring their community in specific ways, but that connection is not achieved.
A cryptocurrency platform that hands over its keys to the community will most likely be safe, effective, and profitable. The new cryptocurrency in town, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), has taken full advantage of this by offering its users the endless potential for growth while engaging them actively with both business-oriented and fun-filled content. From art contests to early access to information, the community is never really lacking and is always at the forefront of making decisions that will impact the platform. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will in no time gain popularity, and it is backed to be better than Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar (XLM) with the brilliant features it brings to the cryptocurrency world.
To implement secure digital technology, Ethereum is the go-to software platform. It is a decentralized software platform powered by blockchain technology designed to be programmable, scalable, and secure. Ethereum’s structure allows a digital ledger to be publicly created and maintained. It is best known for its cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), which powers the platform and enables all of its functionality. Several decentralized finance (DeFi) applications (applications that provide financial services using cryptocurrency) are implemented with smart contracts, a feature supported by Ethereum (ETH). It is widely used in the Decentralized Finance sector to implement protocols that resemble traditional financial markets, thus resulting in an increased demand for Ethereum (ETH).
Ethereum’s (ETH) supply is not controlled by any central body, government, or company. It is fully transparent and decentralized with a share of Ethereum (ETH), which is minted on every block distributed to miners. Ethereum (ETH) has been programmed to increase by 4.5% every year, placing absolutely no certainty on the amount that can be minted in every block. This programmatic increase was implemented due to the demand placed on Ethereum (ETH). Every platform or protocol that operates on top of the Ethereum platform must frequently buy and spend Ethereum (ETH) for smooth running.
An innovation by the Stellar development foundation, the Stellar network is a blockchain-based distributed ledger (digital system for recording transactions) that enables a platform where banks, payment systems, and people are connected. The Stellar network, through this connection, facilitates the low-cost, cross-asset transfer of value and payments for services included. The Stellar network’s primary objective is for developing economies to have access to banking services such as Bank loans and remittances.
Stellar (XLM) is the native cryptocurrency of this network, and it is responsible for many mechanisms, including sending transactions. It is also the governance token of this platform, as holders of Stellar (XLM) have the right to vote and make a difference on the network. Late 2019 saw Stellar (XLM) users called into action by utilizing their right to vote in a coin-burning process. The aim was to stop the Stellar network programmatic supply increases, which previously saw it increase by about 1% yearly. This saw a massive drop in the available Stellar (XLM) from 105 billion to half its amount (a little over 50 billion). This hugely impacted Stellar (XLM) as its value went up for a short period. However, these token burns are not widely accepted as they go against the significant reason decentralized systems were built. Exploitation is implied, and this is what decentralized systems are meant to protect against.
Through Stellar (XLM), users can send payment in specific cryptocurrencies to another user, who can then withdraw in their equivalent currency. Stellar (XLM) value increases whenever a transaction occurs because Stellar (XLM) is the primary cryptocurrency that powers the platform.
Utilizing the power a solid community offers, Big Eyes is a project to increase the financial levels of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem, one of the world’s most important ecosystems. Through a self-propagating system, the Big Eyes project is backed to grow exponentially while using its Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to grant users access to more content and events that make the cryptocurrency world entertaining and profitable.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the principal cryptocurrency that powers the platform. The Big Eyes community will be the priority as they will access news about the project before everyone else. Its community of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) holders is where the actual value lies. Thus, they will be given 90% ownership of the Big Eyes (BIG) token. Tremendous momentum is generated from having a very active and engaging community. The community will be rewarded with Big Eyes Coin (BIG) in the form of giveaways, NFTs, and rewards. The Big Eyes community members are in for a treat as it offers a platform devoid of fees. There will be no fee attached to transactions carried out with the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and no taxes applied, a feature not found on Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar (XLM), which will prove very beneficial to holders.
There is no end to the opportunities available on this platform, as holders of the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) can participate in thrilling and exciting events that will come up during this project. NFTs constitute a significant buzz in the cryptocurrency world right now; hence Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will be setting up an NFT art contest where its community can put their creativity and sense of art on display to develop NFTs for this platform.
Finally, Big Eyes has set aside 5% of the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to improve ocean life and curb pollution. All of these put together shows the opportunity Big Eyes offers, and the benefits holders of the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) stand to prove further that Big Eyes will always have its community at heart and be grateful for their active participation.

The Big Eyes development team has sat down to craft a feasible plan of action, ensuring it delivers on promises and the project attains the success it desires. At the end of its well-detailed roadmap, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) hopes to have realized its mission. This roadmap consists of four eventful stages that the community should anticipate.
To start its journey, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will enter the first stage, which has been termed the “crouch stage”. This stage will oversee the Big Eyes (BIG) token audit and a series of media stunts. One of its goals is to reach 15000 telegram members with social channels going live. There will be a live presale and a live presale website.
Afterward, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will proceed to its next stage which is packed with a ton of events. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will finally be launched on the Uniswap platform and its full website will be deployed live to the Internet. There will be about 20000 Big Eyes Coin (BIG) holders and more media stunts. Influencer campaigns will begin which will include Digital stickers and NFT snippets. As promised, the first charity donation will be delivered in this second stage called the leap stage.
Subsequently, the Big Eyes project will enter its third stage also tagged the “run stage”. This is where the NFTs of the platform will finally be released. The first NFT exclusive event will take place with over 50000 holders. In an attempt to generate more popularity, campaigns will be held with much bigger media stunts. A total of 50000 telegram members is the objective with the second donation to charity occurring in this stage.
Moving on, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will then progress into its final stage (catwalk stage), a stage largely characterized by community events. More swaps will be added as well as the Evolution of NFTs. Topping it off will be the $1 million donation to charity. This course of action will no doubt prove that Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is not all talk but more about delivering all it has said.

The ticker symbol for the Big Eyes token is BIG.
A total number of 200,000,000,000 tokens have been minted without any taxes associated with the trading of the tokens. 70% of the tokens will be made accessible for public presale. 20% of the tokens will be for trades. 5% of the tokens will be held for a noble cause (charity). 5% of the tokens will be for the advertising wallet.
10% of the tax NFTs will be disseminated as follows;
4% will go to the first vendor of the NFT.
5% will go to the holders of the BIG NFTs.
1% will go to the foundation to save the sea.
Make the important decision to join the Big Eyes community that will grow to earn profits in three simple steps as listed below:
Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has incorporated features that separate it from the rest, thus making it a cryptocurrency entrepreneur that should not be missed out on. It provides a rewarding system for its users and purchasers to make the cryptocurrency world more exciting, beneficial and accommodating.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG)
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