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Founded in 2021, Mintology is launching a new concept to the market this year, allowing brands of any size to connect with customers, fans and prospects by giving away NFTs at no cost. The NFTs are used as a claimable and marketing tool.
The initiative was launched alongside the largest global NFT conference, NFT NYC. At the conference, some of the largest players in the NFT world show off their various products. Mintology believes there to be three reasons compelling why brands will be receptive to engaging with NFTs:
It’s the fastest growing technology sector right now
Engaging with NFTs helps connect with the new generation growing up with the blockchain
Giving away free NFTs is now economically viable
“We believe every company will have an NFT strategy which they will use to engage with their fans and customers. NFTs will have as important an impact as social media was for business,” says Jason Solis, The General Manager of Mintology.
Mintology’s brand platform will make it viable to give away thousands of NFTs for free, something that was not previously possible due to network fees. Mintology’s platform will also eliminate the need for users to download a crypto wallet in order to participate.
To claim an NFT, all users will have to do is scan a QR code. This will direct them to a landing page where they can collect the NFT. A Facebook account or Google account can be used to authenticate, with a wallet and Mintable account automatically generated. The NFT will then appear in the wallet and account.
Mintology’s new platform eliminates the cost and inconvenience of the minting process by providing gas-free minting on the Ethereum mainnet. This will enable brands to give customers free NFTs by keeping costs as low as $1-2 per mint. Mintology’s Claimable NFT Platform provides a fully managed service including QR Code Scanning; Dedicated Landing Page; Hosting Solutions; Minting; Wallet Solution; Store on Mintable Marketplace.
About Mintology
Mintology is powered by Mintable, the next-generation mass market for NFTs. Mintable was the first company to pioneer gasless minting on Ethereum using its state-of-the-art technology. Users can set up an account easily on Mintology and simply pay for what they use.
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