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Valletta, Malta, Sept. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cardano is poised to undergo one of it’s most significant network upgrades which would see the POS blockchain have increased speed and throughput.
Wafini a new NFT marketplace looking to compete with the Likes of already established marketplaces has kicked off it’s much awaited presale whitelist for initial adopters.
One of the core objectives of Wafini is to utilise multiple features that will be brought about by the Vasil Hard Fork to build a Marketplace with unique features that are yet to be seen on any Cardano marketplace.
Wafini also announces the launch of the initial private seed round whitelist of $WFI Tokens, the utility-based Wafini NFT marketplace Tokens ($WFI) on the Cardano blockchain.
Wafini aims to raise 1 million ADA within the next three months before listing on decentralised exchanges like Minswap.
Early adopters will also stand to acquire Wafini Genesis VIP NFTs that will grant them access to Wafini DAO where governance decisions like Marketplace Fees, Royalty commissions will be voted on.
Wafini Genesis VIP NFT holders will also have extra perks like being able to verify a collection instantly and also earn rewards from the Wafini self sustaining treasury pool that will be continually filled with a percentage of the Marketplace’s transaction Fees.
How To Whitelist For The Private Seed Sale
Interested participants who have the required minimum of 500 ADA can join the Wafini private seed sale whitelist by clicking here.
The Private Seed sale will kick off on the 1st of October or when 1000 whitelist spots have been reserved.
Private seed round participants will be able to purchase tokens with only ADA and will need a Cardano compatible wallet to make a purchase.
Wafini aims to build a sustainable Non Fungible Token marketplace that will be governed by the community.
Further instruction on how to whitelist can be found on the projects Medium blog post
About Wafini NFT Marketplace
Wafini is a Web 3.0 community driven decentralised NFT Marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens & NFT collectibles where users will be able to mint, list, sell and swap their Non fungible tokens utilising the Cardano Blockchain.We aim to be the top marketplace on Cardano where users can trade NFTs in a secure manner, utilising the low fees of the Cardano Blockchain.
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