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Popular YouTuber and professional wrestler Logan Paul drops the final NFT from his polaroid NFT project ‘99 Originals.’ The last polaroid NFT is taken in zero gravity with Logan Paul seen floating in the middle of the remaining 98 polaroids and he quoted that the last “photo makes no sense.”

The last Polaroid of my #99Originals photography project, taken in Zero Gravityhttps://t.co/OzBRdQPxUK pic.twitter.com/H9WkYaWoPX
In May, Logan Paul dropped the first NFT of 99 Originals featuring Beeple. All the proceedings from the first drop went towards the Ukraine war relief effort. The final polaroid is up for auction with less than 15 hours left for the sale to end. The current bid for the NFT is 12 ETH, around $19,061.
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