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Don’t Even Think About It. Claim Your FREE Hamster Jamz NFT!
Imagine minting a fun, fast-paced NFT game for free! 
Hamster Jamz , brought to you by Faded Arcade, is a new free to mint PFP (profile picture) NFT with full game utility! It’s among the first of its kind in the NFT world and is based on Faded Arcades famous ‘Resto-Mod Games’ original arcade games. 
“We’ve borrowed the term to describe the retro futuristic games we’ve created and if you’ve ever heard of resto-mod cars (restored and modernized cars that kind of look like the old classics until you dive under the hood to find modern parts and technology) –  that’s pretty much what we did when creating the games under Faded Arcade” says creative director Simon Hodgkinson.
Hamster Jamz is a fun, fast-paced, and retro-style platformer game where you play as the hero ‘Waffles McFluffybutt’ in a dangerous quest for all things wafflicious.
A quick sneak peek into the game: Hamsters love waffles and hate hungry wolves, spikey cactuses, marauding aliens, and spooky ghosts. 
Make sure to claim your position at the top of the Hamster Jamz leaderboard to win awesome merch, and prizes.
The NFTs are made up of 10,000 super cute, waffle loving hamsters on the blockchain. You can collect as many as you like (first one is free) then update your social profiles, trade with your friends or hold & collect them for future benefits. 
You can Mint your 100% FREE NFT today! After minting you can play Hamster Jamz any time for free with your NFT. To do so, simply keep your Hamster Jamz NFT in your Crypto wallet, as your NFT will act as your game pass for access. 
It offers fair minting, no whitelisting required, and no minimum to mint. Having said that, you’ll get your first NFT 100% free and invest in more for just 0.01 ETH each.
Learn more: hamsterjamz.com; Twitter: @fadedarcadenft.
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