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In shocking news, Twitter has suspended the official DeGods NFT accounts, along with Y00ts and members of their wider team. The suspension sent shock waves across the DeGods NFT community!

Also, note that the important Twitter accounts of the DeGods and Y00ts ecosystem are also inaccessible. Nine accounts, including @y00tsNFT, @DeGodsNFT, @y00tlist, @DeGodsSalesBot, @0x_chill, and others are currently under suspension.
All of our team’s twitter accounts were just suspended. Not sure if mine will be to. Just be patient we are contacting @Twitter right now. This could be an attack. Do not click any links.
The social media platform’s motivation behind the suspension still remains unclear. The team members are still trying to figure out the reason. The larger DeGods community members have been persistently tagging @Twittersupport, in a bid to address the issue.
What’s even more striking is the timing of the ban. This controversy came around the launch of y00ts NFT, which is set to release on September 2nd. This implies to the fact that the mint may be shelved if access to the accounts has not been regained.
The fact that all the DeGods & y00ts twitter accounts are suspended 3 days before their mint is the most BULLISH news of all time.

They boutta approve like 2K scholarships, have a beautiful mint & break all the volume records in a bear market.

Nothing can stop these mfers.
Amidst this, Head of Communications of Solana, Austin Federa claimed that he paused all the Twitter ad spend until they bring y00ts NFT. Federa also criticised Twitter calling it unaccountable and non-transparent.
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