TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2022 / NFTs are one of the hottest investment prospects in the crypto sphere right now. They vastly outperform other assets like cryptocurrencies and tokens.
However, it can be difficult for a crypto investor to navigate around the digital clutter to find the best NFT project for investment. Most importantly, you need to find an NFT project that is most likely to succeed.
How Can You Find Worthwhile NFT Projects?
There are a plethora of new NFT projects launched weekly. Most of them are likely to disappear into oblivion. However, some of them could prove to be exciting investment opportunities. More importantly, these NFT projects promise utilities that resonate in the tangible world as well.
There are several key factors that you can look into when trying to find a worthwhile NFT project.
What is the Hidden Secret?
One of the most happening NFT projects that has been witnessed right now is the Hidden Secret . It is based on the self-help book ” The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne. The book suggests the notion that positive thinking attracts positive outcomes. Commonly referred to as the law of attraction; this notion is followed by millions of people around the world.
The collection of 10,000 The Hidden Secret NFTs can unlock the power of manifestation and let you live your dream life. They also offer a range of awesome utilities ( which we will discuss in the later part).
Now, let’s assess how the Hidden Secret NFT project matches the key factors that are cited above.
A Compelling Story
Humans are influenced by narratives. For instance, ” The Secret” book inspired millions of people to believe in the power of manifestation. The Hidden Secret NFT Project carries this narrative forward to the crypto sphere. The Hidden Secret NFT holders can customize their NFTs to whatever things they want to manifest in real life.
In addition to helping you recognize the significance of positive thinking, it will also enable you to set the resolution to change yourselves to achieve your dreams.
Measurable Hype
Most high-level NFT scam projects can be recognized with the considerable amount of hype they create. BNB 42 is one of the notable NFT scam projects.
In sheer contrast, great NFT projects tend to justify the created hype with actions. The Hidden Secret NFTs is one such project. Their pre-mint event which is scheduled on 4th September 2022 generated great hype among the crypto community.
The Hidden Secret team justified the hype by rewarding the community and hosting AMAs with some big crypto influencers. Or simply put, they delivered the promise.
Fairness For Buyers
Another indicator of a great NFT project is creating fairness. The Hidden Secret NFT team avoids many people rushing to buy their NFTs by hosting horrible auctions. They also create fairness by giving an opportunity to entice participation by low-income people. Most importantly, The Hidden Secret NFT actually promised and delivered positive expected returns for some early access buyers.
Proof of Personhood
Another factor that makes the NFT investments fairer is proof of personhood. It is a simple process of verifying that each investor and buyer is actually a real person. Even though NFTs are not regulated by PoP, they would soon become a requirement. The Hidden Secret NFT project uses a unique bot protection feature to verify the authenticity of its customers. It means that only authenticated members can only participate in the queue.
High Traffic Website
Any Trustable NFT project will have a great web presence. Primarily, they will have a professional-looking website with a substantial amount of web traffic.
A team of SEO experts verified
the online presence of the Hidden Secret NFT, and the results were beyond satisfying. They had great site traffic with exemplary user experience and a high number of backlinks. More importantly, the Hidden Secret NFT will convert the traffic into conversions.
Thriving Community
Lastly, a great NFT is backed by a great community. The Hidden Secret NFT project has one of the most thriving communities in the crypto sphere.
The Hidden Secret Discord currently has 7258 members
Their Instagram has around 10.3 k Followers
The Twitter page has 22.3 k Followers.
If you look beyond these numbers, you will find that they get these members by delivering engaging content regularly. If millions of people trust to invest in the Hidden Secret NFT, then you can do too.
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