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With a massive buzz surrounding this week’s launch of the y00ts NFT project on Solana, prices for the team’s current NFT collection DeGods soared to new heights over the weekend. DeGods has not only topped all NFT projects in terms of trading volume but also set a new all-time high floor price.
On the other hand, the team’s upcoming project y00ts has attracted celebrities and crypto influencers, snatching the limelight in the NFT space. DeGods topped a floor price of 500 SOL for the first time on Sunday. At the time of writing, the floor price at leading marketplace Magic Eden sits at 587 SOL (approx. $18,650). 
Setting a new ATH in the middle of a bear market is the @DeGodsNFT way.

Congrats to the team, the holders, and the SOL community as a whole. You’re watching history in the making 🚀 pic.twitter.com/rhIDzOq5i8
The figure marks it as the most valuable Solana-based NFT profile picture project (PFP) with at least 10,000 items, surpassing the Solana Monkey Business NFT collection at 192 SOL (nearly $6,100) at the low end.
Speculating the wider NFT market, DeGods’s entry-level price point ranks fourth highest among other pfp projects that have at least 10,000 items. DeGods follows the Ethereum-based BAYC, CryptoPunks, and Moonbirds collections in that order, as per NFT Price floor data. 
Recently, DeGods DAO acquired basketball team killer 3s in the BIG3 league, as the project gained peak popularity. It’s fair to say, DeGods has led the charge as the platform attracts more collectors and increased recognition in the NFT community. 
Last week, BarrelDAO also sold out NFT-linked Solana-themed beer that also featured DeGods on its can among many other popular NFT collections.
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