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Aug 30, 2022, 09:00 ET
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With the release of 5,000 NFTs, Tykes seeks to build the future of digital real estate by bringing together a community of investors, developers, web3 experts and real estate professionals 
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As the real estate industry lags behind in the digital world, serial entrepreneurs Ryan Pineda and Amr Samaha are paving the way with the launch of Tykes, an NFT Project that will create a community of digital tycoons made up of real estate professionals, investors, web3 experts and developers to merge real estate and blockchain. For launch, Tykes is releasing 5,000 NFTs to shape the future of digital real estate and provide educational tools to individuals looking to build their own businesses at the intersection of web3 and real estate investing amongst the community.
To capitalize on a multi-trillion dollar industry, Tykes is building a comprehensive community for digital real estate with the primary goal of educating its members and later allowing them to join ventures, partnerships and deals. Tykes has sold more than $2.4M on presale and shortly after mint, Tykes members will have a place to connect with real estate professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and more to build the businesses that shape a growing industry. Accredited members will have exclusive access to invest in start up businesses and real estate deals.
"Almost every aspect of real estate is archaic – from how we transfer ownership to how we build homes," said Ryan Pineda, CEO and Founder of Tykes. "We created Tykes for anyone who wants to learn more about disrupting the real estate industry, using blockchain and NFTs to come together as a community and push the envelope. Tykes will improve real estate processes and transactions that are often too complicated and involve many layers that deter the average investor from seeking opportunities."
Currently, anyone invested in cryptocurrency that does not want to liquidate their investments or transfer them into a traditional banking system do not have the tools and knowledge to turn those funds into real estate investments. Additionally, conventional mortgages are a slow process and make it difficult for the everyday individual to capitalize on investment opportunities. Tykes will be a resource for investors who are eager to learn about the future of digital real estate and looking to make money in an industry on the cusp of change.
"There is a strong demand to learn about and understand NFTs and their capabilities," said Amr Samaha, Co-Founder and COO of Tykes. "Tykes is a place to cultivate and support those who want to invest and make money in the real estate market, particularly in an industry that is ready for change. Real estate investing is the safest form of investing but many individuals are unaware of how to get started. Tykes will create a community of real estate professionals, investors and web3 experts in order to learn about these evolving spaces."
Tykes is a community focused on merging real estate with blockchain by connecting real estate professionals, investors, web3 experts, developers and entrepreneurs to create the future of digital real estate. Eligible Tykes members will get exclusive access to invest in start-up business, real estate deals, metaverse land deals and more. To be part of the Tykes whitelist, join the Discord server, where spots are given to those providing value to the community: 
Ryan Pineda is the CEO of six different businesses generating 7-8 figures a year in revenue. In his real estate career, he has flipped over 500 homes and currently owns 480 rental units. As a content creator he has amassed 1.5M+ followers where he teaches others how to build wealth and freedom.
Amr Samaha is a serial entrepreneur, multiple award-winning architect, and real estate developer, as well as the founder and CEO of seven figure companies SAMAHA Studio and Samaha Holdings. In addition to co-founding Tykes, Samaha has spearheaded commercial and residential real estate design and development projects in California, Tennessee, Arizona, New York, Kuwait, and more.
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