Another NFT trading card game or perhaps a new version of the said game genre is out for the blockchain. Blockchain tech Yumon recently launched a game called Yumon or Creator Fantasy League, which is geared to turn Youtubers and Twitch streamers into fantasy hero characters in their series of NFT trading cards.
The game advertises itself as the first player-owned creator fantasy world. According to a report from Venture Beat, digital collectibles from the game can be played and traded to or by fans. This digital game is like this generation’s version of playing baseball cards but with streamers. After all, the card collectibles are given a specific markdown, and they are tradeable.

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On the Yumon website, it says that the game is a ‘play and earn’ type of game. Also, Yumon gamers can create strong decks, produce the strongest combo, and profit from their weekly performances while supporting their favorite creators.
That’s right, Yumon players can potentially earn while collecting and playing with their digital collectibles. Blockchain technology is the foundation for decentralized collectible card games like Yumon that feature play-to-earn mechanisms. This tells us that players are now compensated for their gaming time through the current value of the in-game assets they own.
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In the said game, creator cards can be obtained by opening Yumon booster packs that can be bought on their official website. By the looks of the booster decks featured by Yumon, the game is currently running its ‘genesis’ season.
There are three kinds of boosters packs available to be bought in the game. The cheapest one is their Limited booster pack which features 3 Limited Creator Cards and 1 item card. The Limited Yumon booster pack is priced at $19. The Rare Yumon booster pack is priced at $69 and features 1 Rare Creator Card. Finally, the Yumon Epic card contains 1 Epic Creator Card and is priced at $249. According to the website, Yumon is currently having its Presale.
NFT games currently dominate the whole blockchain industry. In order to draw in lots of investors, they are also exploring other varieties and genres. The same report from Venture Beat tells us that the company raised $2 million in January from creators and investors from Meta, Epic, Unity, Webedia, Ubisoft, Twitch, and The Sandbox.
The trading card games on the Internet are continually developing. However, Web2 games still thrill players the most. Developers must take into account the fact that more players are spending time and money to learn more about NFT games with digital collectibles.
More gaming companies are starting to toy with the idea of incorporating NFT into their games. Meanwhile, creators in Minecraft and Roblox have already had a glimpse of running in-game token-based economies. Although being stricken by controversies and allegations of scams and tampering, more and more individuals are trying out this new take on gaming.
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