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Insight and analysis of top stories from our award winning magazine “Bloomberg Businessweek”.
MSCI, the largest ESG rating company, doesn’t even try to measure the impact of a corporation on the world. It’s all about whether the world might mess with the bottom line.
Fed Gets More Data to Go Big in Job Openings, Confidence Reports
It Now Costs $1,200 on Average to Complete World Cup Sticker Album
Musk Seeks to Amend Twitter Complaint, Cites Whistle-Blower
Elon Musk Attacks Twitter Deal Over Whistle-Blower as Feud Escalates
Thai YouTuber Allegedly Cheats Forex Investors of $55 Million
Monkeypox Is Suspected in Texas Death, Possibly the First in US
DOJ Bars Top Officials From Partisan Events Before Election
Wall Street West Is Booming in Aspen With New Crop of Elite Residents
Rockefeller Plaza Office Tower Nabs Loan From Carlyle, BofA
Tank Defies Hearing Loss for ‘R&B Money,’ His Final Album
Unvaccinated NBA Players, Staff Must Test Weekly for COVID
Jerome Powell Can’t Count on a Labor Market Miracle
That Online Test Just May Be Unconstitutional
The World Must Avoid a Chernobyl Redux
The Secret Sauce at Hot Chicken Takeover: Its Unique Workforce
HPE Is Betting That Cloud Computing Still Requires Help From IT
YouTube Went to War Against Terrorists, Just Not White Nationalists
Half of Black Americans Say Overhaul of Police, Prisons Needed for Racial Equality
P&G Agrees to Share Hiring and Retention Data by Race, Gender
Bank of America Tests No-Down-Payment Mortgages for Minority Communities
Danube Drought Reveals Parts of Hidden World War II History
Negative Power Prices? Blame the US Grid for Stranding Renewable Energy
Was the Climate Law a Win for Environmental Justice? It’s Complicated
Texas Bail Reform Reduced Jail Time and Crime, New Study Says
Arrests for Low-Level Crimes Climb Under NYC Mayor Eric Adams
Bitcoin Falls Below $20,000 as Hawkish Fed Continues to Weigh on Riskier Assets
Turkey Says Fugitive Crypto CEO Arrested in Albania Over Fraud
Bitcoin May Have Hit a Floor After Powell’s Speech


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