MarTech Series – Marketing Technology Insights is set to make shockwaves in the Web3 space with their new release of the NFT marketplace this week along with their OpenStadium token that’s expected in the coming month.
The OpenStadium NFT marketplace is geared towards being the premier NFT marketplace centered around the world of sports and the ultimate sports fan experience when it comes to Web3 and the NFT space. The OpenStadium marketplace wants to be a place where athletes can go to connect with their fans and where fans can express their love of sports though NFT’s. The OpenStadium NFT Marketplace plans to collaborate with athletes and sports venues by offering NFT ticket stubs and NFT event souvenirs.
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Unlike other Marketplaces, the NFT marketplace has live customer service agents that are ready to help with any of its users needs. They have also implemented the “know your client” technology as we all know that security is of the utmost importance when handling NFT’s. The OpenStadium marketplace also offers multiple blockchains that allows its users to mint with plenty of options. Currently with five blockchains, they have activated the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Cronos and Avalance blockchains for its users to mint at their liking. Along with the upcoming Open Stadium Token release, they will be implementing the ability for its users to mint with the OpenStadium token on their Marketplace.
They are also excited to be offering exclusive gas-less minting on their Polygon network with zero cost for its users. Now anyone who is looking to get their NFT’s on the market can now easily create and mint their NFT’s without any hassle of gas fees. This feature is now live on the OpenStadium NFT Marketplace. They hope this feature will draw out more users to the platform as we all know upfront gas fees are outrageous and unaffordable on most NFT Marketplaces.
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