Vienna, Austria / JULY 29, 2022 / MYSTHEREUM is bringing together 277 outstanding artists, writers, and poets to cooperate on creating a single breathtaking piece of art, “MESSAGES TO THE WORLD”. It will be a collaborative effort as the first NFT Art book of its kind, yet each contributor will retain individual ownership. The people contributing to this project will have the ability to restrict access to their page for 1 NFT. The book will be available worldwide once its 277 pages are completed. 
Julia Avramidis, a prominent Austrian artist, collaborated with the Mysthereum team to design the tokens’ eye-catching artwork. Their recent launch came along with an invitation to the public to prohibit access to their page by buying 1 NFT for 0.52 ETH (gas fees excluded). The contributors can populate the website with your unique artwork and anything else they want to exhibit to the rest of the world by submitting it via the Mysthereum website.
Because they can provide one-of-a-kind advantages, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have, in a concise time, piqued the curiosity of a substantial number of individuals and organizations operating in a broad variety of industries. In the last several years, a variety of developers have launched several NFT efforts to meet the requirements that the blockchain community has defined. However, the goal of the Mysthereum team with the introduction of MESSAGES TO THE WORLD is to increase involvement in the NFT sector as creators instead of being a consumer like every other NFT project. 
Once all 277 pictures have been completed, only those who own an NFT will have the power to read or sell the reading rights to the digital book (online PDF). Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to resell the book in exchange for royalties, a kind of revenue that does not need your active participation. Mysthereum is also helping people connect with a unique creative group. As soon as the book is published, Mysthereum will morph into a one-of-a-kind art collective for the most adventurous, imaginative, and unique minds from all over the globe.
Working together on MESSAGES TO THE WORLD not only results in an impeccable NFT project but also offers holders a passive income stream in the form of royalties from the resale of the book or the sale of reading rights. Therefore, those who are willing to take part in the generation of passive income have the opportunity to maximize their earning potential by buying as many pages as they can of the MESSAGES TO THE WORLD Art book.
The CEO of MYSTHEREUM, Herwig Loidl, and his group of IT, art, and fun-loving individuals in Austria are collaborating with 277 incredible artists, authors, and poets who want to be part of producing MESSAGES TO THE WORLD, the very first NFT Art book. Minting is live, and the collection showcases the work of internationally acclaimed Austrian artist Julia Avramidis and will have 277 NFTs.
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