One-of-a-kind shirts and a “full Prada journey” in Milan are up for grabs, too.
Prada’s hottest products aren’t ones you can touch. Like other brands, the luxury label has found success in digital collectibles and is now revealing the third installation of its Timecapsule NFT collection, which is perhaps its most exclusive yet. This time around, NFT holders will be given access to a Prada trip in Milan, as well as an exclusive invitation to the brand’s Milan fashion show in September.
The Timecapsule is a monthly online event held on the first Thursday of every month. During that time, people are allotted a 24-hour window to access limited-edition Prada products and their corresponding NFTs. Previous Timecapsule collections — one released in June and another in July — were immediate sell-outs.
A one-of-a-kind experience — Like past Timecapsule drops, the upcoming collection includes a gender neutral physical product — in this case, a shirt made of upcycled fabrics from Prada’s archive of luxury textiles — each of which is accompanied by an NFT. Only 50 pieces are up for grabs, respectively boasting their own unique serial numbers to redeem its related NFT.
None of Prada’s Timecapsule shirts look the same, either. Constructed from black poplin, each top comes embellished with a selection of exclusive Prada fabrics, including a Frankenstein-inspired print created by artist Jeanne Detallante, a flower-motif silk lurex brocade, and a silk lampas textile from the brand’s 1920s archive. All designs are decorated with Prada’s Lattice Badge, altered to feature a graphic created by OMA Studio.
NFTs to Fashion Week — The only thing more exciting than a one-of-a-kind Prada shirt is a one-of-a-kind Prada experience. Holders of the brand’s Timecapsule NFTs — regardless of the NFT’s collection or drop date — will gain access to a “full Prada journey” in Milan as well as an invitation to Prada’s fashion show in September. Priority access will be given to those who already own one of the Timecapsule NFTs.
For a secure and user-friendly experience, each of Prada’s NFTs is issued on Ethereum infrastructure. The Aura Blockchain Consortium “provides the underlying NFT solutions and technology,” a press release adds.
Prada’s limited-edition shirts (and their corresponding digital collectibles) will be available August 4 at the brand’s website. More details concerning the NFTs and their privately-accessed events will be shared on the Prada Crypted Community on Discord, in theme with the exclusivity of the collection itself.


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