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According to a report, about 39% of millennials own cryptocurrencies, higher than the percentage of those owning mutual funds and about equal to the number of millennials who own individual stocks. Few crypto experts revealed the latest trends in millennial investments in cryptocurrency, why millennials are inclined to it and whether the current bear phase of the crypto market has had an impact on investments from this age group. Here’s what they said :
India’s millennials and GenZ are digital-savvy; they identify and adopt technology early and are focussed on long-term potential. An average Crypto investor is 28 years of age—they understand the potential of Crypto, would have long-term financial goals and are aiming for a well-rounded portfolio. Short-term market cycles shouldn’t change that. Crypto is not a get-rich-quick scheme, said Ashish Singhal, Co-Founder and CEO, of Coinswitch Kuber. 
Singhal believes that crypto is bringing a once-in-a-generation technological shift and it would reshape the internet and internet-based businesses and services.

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Millennials have a larger risk appetite which draws them towards investing in cryptocurrency. According to a report, about 39% of millennials own cryptocurrencies, higher than the percentage of those owning mutual funds and about equal to the number of millennials who own individual stocks.
I think all investments carry some risks, with crypto leading the list, but we have a larger risk appetite. I have also invested in cryptocurrency, but I would prefer it if the government regulates it, so that the privacy concerns are addressed. With talks of a central bank digital currency, I feel crypto can become very significant, said Shreyashi Haldar, Program Analyst at Wells Fargo.

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Even though the cryptocurrency market is at its record low now, Rajagopal Menon, Vice President, WazirX said that there is no indication that millennials are moving out of crypto, infact he highlighted that the number of users within the age bracket is intact. 
If we look at the transactions between December 2021 to March 2022 vs. April to June 2022, it is evident that the share of millennials investing in stablecoins has increased by 13%, which is significant, while their holding in meme coins has decreased. This can be attributed to investors becoming more informed and research-oriented while choosing to invest, said Menon.
Debrishi Pramanik, a software engineer at a leading MNC said that he would not want to withdraw his crypto investments even though the market is crashing every other day. 
Every market goes through a bull and bear phase, and right now the cryptocurrency market is going through its bear phase. I feel those who are opting out of crypto due to the volatility that the market is showing are going to regret their decision in a few year’s time. I feel this is the right time to invest if you want to grow your portfolio and make some fast money, as soon the cryptocurrency market will rise and touch record highs, those who were patient with the turbulence of the market will be the biggest gainers, said Pramanik.
A report suggests that the digital investment market is set to be worth $14.3 billion by 2025, growing from $6.4 billion in 2021 at a 5-year CAGR of 22.4 per cent backed by India’s fintech boom.
Minal Thukral, Executive Vice-President, Growth and Strategy, CoinDCX believes that millennials are certainly more inclined towards investing in crypto than the previous generations.
Millennials are more focused on understanding the fundamentals of the tokens they are investing in. They’re also more open to taking risks and adopting new technologies. We have also observed that most millennials make informed decisions. They invest after understanding the fundamentals of the industry, he said.
Chintan Avasthi, a final year MBA student said that he lost almost half of his invested amount due to the current market crash and he wouldn’t take the risk to lose further.
I had invested in crypto in 2021 and had seen positive growth, but the current crypto crash washed away all the profits and the amount I invested got reduced to almost half. The bear market phase is ongoing from quite some time now, and additionally, crypto tax has also been introduced. I wouldn’t take the risk any longer so I have withdrawn my crypto investments, said Avasthi. 
Thukral also highlighted that there had been a slight impact in the number of millennial investors, due to the current bear phase of the crypto market. 

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