LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 2, 2022 / Astro Baby Club NFT announces its official sale and NFT enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for what’s next.
Move over Apes, Doodles, cats and dogs. Astro Baby Club NFTs are here. The NFT project co-founded by David Hsiao (Twitter: @CryptoGodfatha), a cryptocurrency and NFT veteran, has been in production since January this year and launched its sale on July 21.
Astro Baby Club is a collection of 8,888 uniquely hand-drawn NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
Astro Baby Club was created by a team of artists from California, New York, San Jose, and Tokyo who wanted to create beautiful art, make tangible positive impacts, and push the limits of web3.
Two core tenets the Astro Baby Club founders focused on when creating this NFT were to create a platform that would support creators of all mediums, and to ensure there was positive impact in the real world outside of the metaverse.
Hsiao commented, “In a crowded NFT space there are very few that have any utility. Not only did we want to create beautiful pieces of art, but we wanted to make sure we would make real-life impacts, which is why a portion of sales and royalties will go to supporting children’s charities in perpetuity.”
What’s Next
For the better half of the year the Astro Baby Club team has been preparing for its mint sale which just started (mint.astrobabyclub.com). After the excitement from mint settles the real work will begin for the team. Firstly, the team has its eyes set on merchandising, intellectual property rights for each NFT, online and real-life events, unique ENS domains for holders, donations to charity, and strengthening the brand.
“Our holders and community are everything to us. Creating value for you as a holder is the entire backbone of the Astro Baby Club brand.”
The company already made waves during the NFT.NYC conference in New York in June of this year when it hosted its Astro Baby Club Launch Party which was widely regarded as one of the best events of the week.
Astro Baby Club recently hosted its launch party in New York in June during NFT.NYC.
“We’re so thrilled that so many fans, friends, and followers came to enjoy an evening of web3 and art with us during our first party. It’s something we hope to do annually during the conference week and we will definitely be doing bigger and better events in the near future”, said Hsiao.
Those who have already purchased are eagerly waiting for their art to reveal. The team responded stating that the NFTs would be revealed shortly after the sale is completed.
Hsiao commented on the NFTs official launch, “We’re so excited to finally be here today with the sale live. Our artists have put their heart and soul into each of the pieces and we’re also eagerly waiting for the sale to complete so we can enjoy revealing each of the 8,888 NFTs together. We’ve got our work cut out for us as we have some grand plans, but this entire journey up to today has been incredible and I’m fortunate to be working with such driven and talented people.
Mint Your Astro Baby Club NFT
To secure your own Astro Baby Club NFT, visit mint.astrobabyclub.com. The NFTs were launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Each transaction allows up to 2 purchases, with unlimited transactions.
The price of one Astro Baby Club NFT is 0.035 ETH (approximately $54 at time of writing). Simply connect a wallet to the website and select how many to mint. The NFT will automatically appear in your wallet seconds later.
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