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Apes are often thought of as unintelligent and violent. In most cases, the popular notion is that apes pose a threat to human existence. And yet, anecdotal evidence from the field challenges such assumptions, suggesting for example that a class of Apes- the Orangutans- have good problem-solving abilities. In a bid to completely eradicate these beliefs and to as well bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, there is a need for a merge between Apes and Hoomans. To establish that unifying effect is where the Vibin’ Ape Society comes in.
Vibin’ Ape Society encompasses a Web2-Web3 partnership under one umbrella. Using the NFT innovation as a tool, they aim to connect Hoomans to Apes with music. Paint that picture of apes wearing headphones on the beach, with their feet covered with fine sand, two fingers in the air, vibin’ to loud music, sipping champagne with celebrities, while maintaining their sanity and a visible state of happiness. This is what the Vibin’ Ape Society is building. What’s amazing is the manner this is being done.
The Vibed streaming app is a platform that pays its users for streaming music. Unlike other popular music streaming platforms where users have to pay a monthly subscription fee, with Vibed, users get to stream their favorite music for free. Now, because it’s free doesn’t affirm that it will offer anything of less value. It’s a streaming service with a difference. At the time of writing, partnership deals are being secured with top-rated artists across different continents. That’s not all. What’s more is that users don’t just stream for free, they also get paid for each music, or podcast they listen to. Wake in the morning, and stream music. While completing that morning routine, stream music. Is it while at work break? Or before sending that email? Stream! When you call it quits on your job or relationship, music is therapy. Don’t waste that downtime, stream music on the Vibed app. It doesn’t have to be an act, vibe to the music like you would do, the grind. Stream and get paid!
Recall that Vibin’ Ape Society is also an NFT project and as such, NFT holders are called the Vibin’ Apes. They will receive greater rewards for just being holders. A portion of Vibed profits is paid out to the Vibin’ Apes quarterly, in proportions cognizant of the rank(s) of NFT(s) held by each user.
Here’s how it works: for each time a human is seen vibin’ with an ape, the ape hands out a gift, in the form of points and then;  $VBD tokens. These $VBD tokens, which are the utility tokens of Vibin’ Ape Society, serve as the primary currency used to run the affairs of ApeVille. Vibed app users are rewarded with points for streaming music. These points can be later converted to $VBD tokens and are made available for trading across major exchanges. Think of it more as a ritual — a symbiotic exchange process — which is not seen as an exchange for the sake of it, but as a reward for good deeds. This symbiotic relationship is in the long run, mutually beneficial. Simply put, make the Apes happy by streaming music, and get rewarded with crypto.
This first-of-its-kind utility is completely decentralized, as users only need to connect their decentralized wallets to the Vibed app and start streaming music. Rewards are automatically disbursed to qualified users’ wallets. These funds can now be sent out to exchanges based on individual preferences for trading. No need for an “email signup” or authentication code, purely decentralized! This helps to further spread the gospel of decentralization, establishing a Web3 identity for users.
Regardless, Vibed app users must prepare for a decidedly glamorous world of utility regarding NFTs. It goes beyond the art, beyond the hype, and is far-fetched from the “norm” that has existed in this regard. The uniqueness of the Vibin’ Ape Society from the story to the community and much more, the amazing utilities behind this project tell a lot. Quiet, patient, and consistent, only time will tell what the Apes are doing in ApeVille. So enter while you can, but whatever the case, Let’s Just Vibe!
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