More exciting details were revealed about partners and the utility the NFTs will bring for holders.
On July 29th, BSC News hosted a live Twitter Spaces that gave the community more insight into the BSC News Non-fungible Token (NFT) and its utilities.
The BSC News team was joined by representatives from BSC News NFT partners. Attendees included Anthony and Croissant from Coinracer/Homie Wars. Both guests gave some insight into the future of Web3 development and what the projects will bring to the BSC News NFT.
Coinracer will be joining the BSC News NFT Gaming Guild, allowing NFT holders to play the Coinracer game using NFTs from the Guild.
“To be the first project in the BSC gaming space to be considered for this opportunity, it’s an honor. We’re so proud to be a part of this, and we’re really excited for what’s going to happen,” Anthony explained.

Ben, the CFO of BSC News, revealed that ApeSwap would be providing utility for the NFT. BSC News NFT holders will gain access to the upcoming ApeSwap metaverse, a Non-fungible Ape (NFA) airdrop, and more. BSC News will also hold an airdrop for the ApeSwap community.
Ben also noted that TenFi has partnered with BSC News NFT and will be providing boosted APRs for holders, with more details to be revealed in the future. 
BSC News Director of Operations, Andrew, also gave a shout-out to Feed Every Gorilla (FEG) for providing utility to the BSC News NFT. BSC News NFT will also hold a whitelisting event with Gooodfellas NFT for premium members. More partnerships will be announced soon – stay tuned to the BSC News social media channels to keep updated!

Andrew explained that while the utilities may change over time, BSC News is building its NFTs with a long-term vision in mind. He confirmed that users would not need the NFT to access regular BSC News content, but that exclusive premium content would be provided to holders.
“A great way that Croissant put it is that we’re (BSC News) going to be the NFT version of Groupon,” Andrew said.
If you want to hear everything discussed in the Livestream, BSC News has provided a recording to catch you up to speed. The recording can be found here.

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